Root Bound Autoflower


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So, I have an OG Kush autoflower that seems to me to be root bound. She's about 3-4 weeks from harvest (if I wait for 50% amber trichomes). From everything I've read, autos don't like to be transplanted... So, what do I do? Should I harvest her a bit early right before it becomes detrimental? Or should I go ahead and try to transplant? If I transplant and she stresses, I don't want her to go hermie on me. The trichomes are all still clear on the flowers, and about 20% amber on the sugar leaves.


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A month is a long time to be root bound. In my mind if you can cut the pot off and not disturb the root ball put it into a bigger pot and surround the root ball with fresh soil shouldn’t it be perfectly fine undisturbed for the most part but able to reach out with her roots at her discretion. Goodluck happy 420!!
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