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Root Rot - 2 weeks to go help!


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I've been struggling with root rot for the last year after years of successful growing. I use 4" rockwool in ebb and flow feeding dutch nutrients. This is the farthest I've gotten in almost a year and I just need to limp to the end.
In the past I've tried lots of things but if I hadn't reached half way with a decent plant I scrapped the grow, re sterilized and began again.
This time I have been using beneficial fungi/bacteria and am just 2 maybe 3 weeks til harvest.
I am moving my room after this grow - can't fight it anymore. But I need to get these girls to the finish line. My roots are brown and up until today the plants have been absolutely beautiful - but they are starting to yellow.
Has anyone had direct experience with root rot, late in the game and made it to harvest. They are still drinking but I know that will stop soon. I am thinking I can try to foliar feed but am not sure if I should try a h202 dunk and kill all my bennies. I am not looking to cure the root rot just make it to harvest.
Thanks for your help.

Monkey Magic

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ive just started using canna rhizotonic, suposed to help root rot and stressed plants. only 2 days in though so cant say if its any good yet. if theres only 2-3 weeks left would you not be able to keep them alive by foliar feeding them water ?


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Thanks for the suggestions.

My res is covered. I have 2 air pumps in the res, temps are below 70. I still have it but this is the closest I have come to harvest.
I think the foliar feeding suggestion is the answer - thanks Monkey.
I think I'm going to make it.
thanks again for your help


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Ya hydrozyme works good don't mix any other hydrogen peroxide with it tho just straight hydrozyme an your nuts changin your res every week


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Very late to this thread.

Hopefully the original poster got his stuff worked out.

Just wanted to add...

Me and my partners have been dealing with root rot for years. Eventually we abandoned beneficials and went hardcore with non stop sterilization. Overall it has worked (though we just ran into a snag SEE: the "never ending war with root rot" thread.)

We use Hygrozyme.

We use h202

We do a florashield flush once a week.

We have three places. At one of them my boy uses Piranha and/or Humtea (for the trichederma), at the other two we abandoned it because of some PH issues.

I guess the Piranha could be considered a beneficial but the florashield kills it, so it has to be reintroduced each time after the flush.

The key seems to be the florashield. Depending on the medium you have to use it differently. We found that the root rot would hide in the nooks and crannies and occasionally find its way back if we missed any inch of the system.

So for the place that uses ReadyGrow (a coco soil mix), we pump the florashield through the feeding tubes and simultaneously use a pitcher to flood the bags to make sure all the ready grow has been treated.

For the place that uses an oldschool rockwool / flood drain set up, we fill a large tub with florashield, aerate it with hella airstones, and let the rockwool soak for an hour. The trays are treated at the same time.

I know that seems insane but at some point we gave up on taking hits with temporary solutions. It works for us.

Hopefully no one else will have to go through this but maybe if one sad soul needs this info, it's here.
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