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Root rot! Grrrr!


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Whats up folks? been a long time since i posted on here. Hope this finds everyone well. So i have finaly started making progress with the quality of smoke for my plants. What i have at this point is plants starting out in quarts cup (Just right soil (something like that) mixed with Ocean forest and a thin layer of cilica rock at the bottom of the cups. (they then get transplanted to larger 32 ounce cups for flowering). My problem is this, i essentialy have a ebb and flow set up running with soil plants (planning on going completly hydro soon) But the problem is i have exposed roots from the feeding holes at the bottoms of my cups, They are changing from that nice healthy white tuffs of happyness to sad brown and then black sadness. A friend told me that its probbaly because i'm in soil and that the roots and medium can only absorb so much water. My question is this, What can i do about the rootrot? i have started using Hygrozime and ive seen improvement but it hasnt quite done the job just yet......Currently the guys in flower and in veg are getting watered 3-4 times a day, and get just above the drainage holes with the water before they drain.........Is that too much? what should i cut it back to? Also as a side question, Can you change a plant from soil to something NEAR-dro? like i was thinking just pulling the rootballs when i go to transplant and putting them in some sunshine mix? wouldnt that be better?
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