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Root rot?


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i am a new grower i have a dwc system using house and garden nutrients with Amino acid and root accelerator i noticed a couple weeks ago the the roots started to turn a dark brown color not slimy or anything like that just turned dark brown, top of pants show no sighns of stress or anything like that but ive read that it takes time to show sighns in the plants. is there a definate way of knowing its root rot and if so is there any cure or is it just easier to cut my losses and start over ??????

Fuzzy Duck

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A lot of the time its down to reserva temps of water/nutrients causing the rot, i'd look at that first.

Some times nutrients used may also discolour the roots if reserva temps are in order.


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Both Fuzzy and jj are correct. My roots currently look like they would have the dreaded RR but there is no slime at all. I am attributing the color due to the new vitablue and seaweed I am using from BPN. Usually when there is RR there is slime. I run Dutch Masters Gold ZONE to stop any chance of RR growing in any portion of my grow at all. I suggest you do the same.


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same as all above my friend...roots going brown over time is common enough to be called normal. fear slime.

keep temps low 60-65f ish imho.

use a bubbler or h2o2 to keep it all airated. if you have no way to airate i would either swap out res every 48 hours or find a way to keep the water agitated
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