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If my young plant developed what I believe is root rot, should I toss it or will it recover? I bought some hydrogen peroxide to try to kill the root rot, and a few days later I started using hydrogaurd and Orca Premium Liquid Mycorrhizae. What do you guys think?

DWC 3.5gallon bucket
2 Weeks into Veg
Reservoir Temp=72F
Medium-Expanded Clay balls
Air temp-72F
Air stone on max

AN 3 part line
Mammoth P microbes
H&G Roots exelerator

Roots don't smell but have red slimy stuff on some


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What your doing sounds fine I'd take the ph down to 5.8 and try to keep your Rez temp lower like 65* if possible and switch to a 5 gall bucket. It will keep cooler longer how orten do you change your Rez and what do u clean it with
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