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Root rot


hi my last 2 grows have been ended short due to root rot. im running a rdwc setup with a chiller., last time I put 4lt of household bleach in 160lts of water ran for 3hrs soaked for 2hrs before flushing with fresh tap water., and introduced the chiller to the system. The res temp sits under 20deg.C when running. The last run It didnt happen until 4weeks into flower. I monitored the roots regularly as i was a bit weary. new system different lights to normal. ( heaps of circulation, heaps of bubblers )They were white and healthy up to a week ago. I use the professors nutrients grow roots as recommended . I was considering also using oxyplus in the future. Could the rot be coming in with the tap water? how can i fix that? I have a rainwater tank which I could use, but havent as I figured my local tap water was ok, and I was more likely to introduce fungal problems using tank water. Is there any thing I can use to sterilize the tank water? I water form the top of the root ball, I have always done this with no problems, yet some recommend not to. should I use a different sterilization method ? any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. wilson
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