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Root Rot


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I have been cloning for a while but just recently i bought a clear cover for my tray like i should have done a long time ago. Now with the cover on it its like a little greenhouse and now eveything is growing including some fungus shit on my clones. I am pretty sure my plants are starting to rot.

I have heard that putting some hyrdogen peroxide in the water can prevent root rot?

your thoughts please


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Ya i took the cover off for a bit and the fungus went away sort of but the one clone is fucked, the entire stem is turning to mush, so i will just throw it out

neem oil hey, does neem stand for something?

i downloaded this video from thc labs and they said they use peroxide, but ya i think i am with you, peroxide doesn't seem like a healthy thing for a plant.


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When using the dome try just misting inside the cover instead of directly watering your babes. .. I have not had any problems using this method. I also would periodically take the cover off to allow in some fresh air.

Neem Oil is a completely safe, non-toxic, biodegradable substance made by crushing the seeds of the Neem tree which has natural insecticidal properties. Different parts of the Neem tree are used in natural medicines, toothpastes, soaps, and spiritual food to millions in India. It is only in the past decade, that the pest control potential of Neem is being rediscovered. Neem oil makes the plant unpalatable to pests, it does not kill them but affects their behavior and physiology. Though subtle, Neem's effects such as repellent, feeding and reproductive cycle, growth inhibition, mating disruption, chemo-sterilization etc. are now considered far more desirable than a quick knock-down in integrated pest management programs as they reduce the risk of exposing pests natural enemies to poisoned food or starvation.

Bagz :peace:


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Not keeping too much moisture in the dome is the best way to prevent root rot. The idea of the humidity dome is to recycle the water that would have otherwise evaporated off into the air to keep humidity high. Problems form when the medium is kept too moist, when this excess water is not allowed to escape. This creates a breeding ground for fungus and diseases, such as pythium, that attack roots.

I like Bagz idea here, mist the dome, don't overwater the medium.


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Ya misting the dome makes alot of sense. Right now there is a huge puddle in the bottom, just to much water, to moist. I will try just misting.

thanks for your input, me and my clones are very grateful.
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