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Root Stimulats in Hydro (DWC)

Groovy Bud

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Greetings once again,

It's time to get my new grow running within a week or 2.

In the last one, the vegging cycle was delayed and didn't burst into an exponential growth. I noticed that it took and extended time until I had a decent root mass. (I grew Super Lemon Haze and I know their rooting process is slower too).

The Nutes I was running were: GH 3 Part Flora Series and Cannazyme.

I've been wondering and reading about root stimulants, but the only available at my country are Canna's Rhizotonic, Atami's Root Fast, GHE BioRoots, BioBizz Root Juice, and AN Vodoo Juice. (I wish there was Root Excelurator over here)

Now my questions start arising.

Most of these products are "organic" and are mostly based in bennies (beneficial bacteria) and vitamin complexes.

I haven't had root issues (root rot) on my last run, but the roots weren't crystal white either.

Would the use of this products be a possible cause of future pH fluctuations and root rot catalyst?

Sterile DWC usually counts with H2O2 produts such as Aquashield, but Botanicare products are hardly available in Europe. It has shown really good results in DWC.

Semi-organic DWC's seem to have a greater chance of root issues such as Pythium aka causer of root rot. The "fight" between bennies and harmful bacteria must be highly controlled through pH stabilization, water oxygenation (air pumps + airstones) and res temperatures.

Does any of you have any particular experience with Rhizotonic as a roots stimulant and it's use in nute availability to roots?

Is it really a greater improvement on the veg growth and root maintenance rather than a root compromise risk?

Thanks in advance,


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If you haven't has any issues, I wouldn't worry much, just keep an eye for rot or other root problems.

I grow hydro but on two different systems, drip for veg and E&F for flower, haven't tried DWC so couldn't comment on what could be beneficial or not.
But I'd go with if it's not broken don't fix it, meaning that if you haven't had problems with the roots and your last cycle was satisfactory to you then you're good.

There's always room for improvements to achieve greater yields and quality, but it takes time for changes we make to have a noticeable effect, so be patient and don't make an issue out of thin air (which is a common rookie mistake, not saying that's what you are).

If you're going with a stimulants, go with AN Voodoo Juice, you can never go wrong with AN.

Hope it helps.

Good luck and Happy Growing! :Namaste:

Groovy Bud

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thanks for your input Rodrigo. Really appreciated.

Thing is that I'm trying to improve on subjects that weren't optimal, in this case, the root development was delayed and that cost me extra vegging time.

"Satisfactory" is not a word in my dictionary, if you know what I mean ;)


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Can you provide more info about your system? i.e. room/tent size, light, distances, number of plants, size of rez, temps, etc.?

Groovy Bud

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4x4x8 tent, 400w MH/ 600w HPS (distance is kept as lower as it can without overcoming 27ºC at canopy temperature), 4 plants, 2 plants per 17 gallon tote.

Can't yet measure waters temps, but room temps are between 20ºC (at night) and 25-26ªC during day.


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What about the hydro system, I'm trying to hone in what may be causing you root problems or how the system be upgraded or improved.


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Voodoo juice works great but I would be just as worried about the temp difference and high heat dutch master zone works great for keeping bad stuff away and it is cheaper best to go with amino acids to help with the stress

Groovy Bud

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I don't have root problems, I was afraid Rhizotonic might add risk of root rot.

Now that I've researched I don't think Rhizotonic has any beneficial bacteria. It has vitamins and other complexes that stimulate root development, but not bennies.

Will add it to my future cocktail.

Thanks everyone.
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