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Rooting clones from a flowering plant...


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I am trying to grow clones from a flowering plant. I took the clones at day 22 of flowering. The clones rooted in 14 and I transplanted them into FF Ocean Forrest. It has been 20 days and no signs of growth up top.

Who else has taken flowering clones before? Its hard for me to see how the branches start forming on them.

I know moose told me that growth would be a little slow at first, but things should start growing soon.

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It can take up to 3 weeks before new growth starts. Remember, the plant has to adjust from flowering to veg, before new growth can start, and that in itself can take 2 weeks.


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Yeah it takes a while... and like Urdedpal was saying in your journal, I concur... I prob won't take em' in flowering again unless I have to.
They're crazy once they start growing, Stix is right lots of single bladed leaves...
The branches actually form out of the calyxes IMO....
Ofcourse I consider myself south of an expert but I have done it...

They do go great once they get on there feet though.... so just be patient.

BTW, what size container did you transplant into?? and what kinda lighting you have em' under????


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The size of the pots varies, but they are from 4 in. square pots (3) to 1 gallon pots (5) and the other 8 are in other sizes. They are all under a 125 W floro and 2 40W floro tubes. I plan on getting a 400W MH soon. And I also plan on starting a new grow journal for this grow soon. Peace.


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I just transplanted my clone into its new pot Saturday. I took it at about day five of flowering. It didn't do a thing until yesterday (2 1/2 weeks) now it's cookin' though. I only had a few minutes to look at it yesterday but I have a whole bunch of new growth. I didn't notice if they are one bladed or not.
I had her in a rockwool cube and it didn't seem to really get going until I started feeding her a bit of B-1 red. A couple days later (yesterday) I transplanted her to FF Ocean Forest and she is cruisin' now! Be patient it'll flourish once you give it a little time. Oh yea, I have her in a one gal. pot with an 85 watt cool cfl. I will be switching her to a 250 watt HPS soon.


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It may not spit any single leaves taken that early grim.... since there isn't any bud growth. Not sure though....
Mine where taken at approx 23days....


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Hi all ...new here :)...I just recently started growing...I started 5 seeds from commercial stuff i got locally (NY) I got two males that i pulled and one female. I took 5 clones from female and now have 3- 7" clones that continue to show great growth and Hairs! Not sure what day i took them from flowering mother but they are growing really nice and have been in veg growth for a month now. mother plant was just switched to 12/12 9 days ago and is not showing alot of bud growth. Am wondering if i somehow shocked the mother and clones into plants that will never really produce much. I am using one spot grow on side of plant and one 300w equivalence CFL light over plant.


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No, pretty much impossible to "shock" a plant in the fashion that you described.

However it sounds like you need more light. What is the actual wattage of your CFL? Also, what's the color temperature? That's what counts in a GR - the plant isn't using the light to read the Sunday paper lol.

And what kind of bulb, how many watts, and what color temperature is the "spot grow?" If it's an incandescent, pitch it - it's more a heater that puts out some light. And if it's a florescent... Many (most) of the "grow & show" type lights are really pretty inefficient for actually growing.

MJ isn't just a light-loving plant - it needs light.

Speaking of light, if you are trying to flower and the plants don't seem to be cooperating, that generally means that you have a light leak somewhere.

But... If you just switched 9 days ago, many plants will not show that soon - especially with inadequate or barely-adequate light. Or if the plant wasn't mature when you switched (IOW, if it hadn't started producing staggered nodes (branches) yet).

Oh yeah, and this was a pretty old thread to reply to lol.
I find having them under 24/7 light helps. I take mine at day 21, takes a while but worth the wait I believe. My KF420 strain gets bushy off the hook! Took 35 clones from her at one time.


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Wow ...told ya i am new tks for reply Tortured Soul. Was looking into clones from flowering plants is how i made it here. I have taken advise and have added two more 65 w cfl's and one 40w cfl so have 235 watts of cfl in there now....buds are really growing now. Also i started grow journal.
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