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I took my WW cuttins 7 days ago today using "Schultz Take Root" cloning powder, 1" rockwool cubes, and put them under four
4' T8's in a humidity dome, there all still very lush and healthy. My Question is this: Should they be taken root yet? Iv read that
they start to develope them at around day 5, is this true? When I shake Them they still seem to be lose and not rooted yet,
anyone have an idea why there legging behind or is this normal? If its normal when should i expect them to start?
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7 days is a lil short but I have had them root that fast a few times. Normal time for me was more like 14 days before they start to grow out of the cube.


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when taking cuttings for clones, how important is it that the parent plant be fully in the vegitative cycle? 18 hrs or more of light?
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