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Round Two: Cannabis Production!


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Round Two - Cannabis Production!

Hi Everybody, Im CADBOY.

This is my 2nd grow on this fourm and I am eager to make the most of it.

This round I really would like to grow out 1 plant for obvious reasons (small tent) but Im seriously torn.

I just recently received some amazing Genetics. Thank you for the Black-Lime-Bubba. Cant wait to grow this out, Bubba is truly a delicious strain.. I also think it may be rude to not get cracking on them...

I also have some legit seeds from an un-named source Charlottes Web the (Stanley brothers) strain... Charlotte's web (cannabis) - Wikipedia

I will be doing my best to make seeds of this plant for future grows because its medicinal properties are too good for me to not have around forever.

Plan is to make Canna-Capsules, Ice Hash, Edibles and good ol fashioned joints from the finished harvest. All this is for medical benefits, however I do enjoy the odd recreational toke.

Hopefully I can also turn out some seeds during this grow so I can have the strains I love for use later on down the road.

Enjoy, Follow, Chit-Chat and lets learn from eachother...

Setup Details:

Grow is inside a 12x12 ft room with a open window for air exchange, unfortunately I have to vent the tent into the same room instead of directly out the window!

2x2x6.5 ft Black-Box Tent
10" Carbon-Filter and 4" Vortex Fan
Secondary fixed 8" circulation fan
DIY Samsung LM561C - 4pcs strip lighting (Max 240w at wall)
PROMIX HP Mycorrhizae medium
PH test strips
TDS Meter
Digital Temp/Humidity meter
Cannabis seeds
Megacrop + Cal-Mag-Pos
DIY Airpot

Will provid an update weekly, on Saturdays most likely! Of course discussion is always welcome at anytime/Day!

Lets Grow!
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PRO-MIX HP provides a great growing environment with Fibrous peat moss and coarse perlite makes this formulation ideal.


• Significant drainage capacity
• Increased air porosity
• Lower water retention
• Well suited for high humidity
• Improved leaching of fertilizer salts

I have never used Promix but after much reading and asking around I decided to use it and see how much better my plants can possibly be.


This DIY air pot is a dollar store wire mesh basket, but I thought maybe the holes are too big? So I used some ladys leg stockings to ensure the promix will infact stay inside while allowing air to flow throughout without restriction

Some blue party cups I picked up to start out the seeds in. 1 cup with a few holes at the bottom, placed inside a 2nd cup, both cups placed inside the main mesh bucket to make a perfect hole when its time to bumb up the container size.
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Currently at about 50w 18/6 schedule

Black Lime Bubba and Charlottes web

Dropped seeds into a cup of warm water for around 6hrs, about 5hrs in the seeds sank to the bottom, verified the seeds cracked and popped them into a fresh bed of moist Promix hp.

Of course 1 of each party cup has a hole in the bottom to allow water run off, if any!

When each seedling first set of leaves open up, I will start counting the days,weeks,months of growth!

The blue cup at the bottom is just some experiment that belongs to a separate thread...


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Charlottes web:

Right from the start, shes a BIT@#...
Planted the seed on its side, root grew straight up outta the "soil" then did a 180° turn down into the "soil".... Never ever seen this happen before.

Waiting till the leaves reach up a little then I will add more promix to help keep her stable.


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Got some "nut milk" nylon bags to help me make more hash next time I make ice/water bubble hash. I already know that this is not a "bubble bag" in the traditional sense, however I dont plan to make different grades of hash. I am hopefully just going to retaine all the hash materials on the screens and compile it all together. The last little chunk of hash I made was super great.


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The beginning of any grow is exciting and boring, would like to get to the good stuff, watching buds/seeds/smell develop!

I wonder if anyone has ever made CBD Dominant bubble hash? For me hash gives a great body overall good feeling. Cant imagine how great the body will feel with a strain that's already proven to do wonders for the brain/body. I will likely make hash from roughly half of the charlottes web, so I can turn it into hash- caps.

Reason I haven't shown the black lime bubba yet is that I likely and not purposefully messed up the first 2 seeds hhhahahaha. 3rd seed is now just looking out over the soil, will photo bomb when it looks like a plant.

About to go find out if/maybe I can use 1mg sized capsules for powered nutes (megacrop capsules) if you will. Would actually make dosing nutrients silly easy. Time to bust out the scale and see if its possible (within reason) .

Knife party

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Take a look at Frenchy Cannoli on you tube he has some great hash vids up, my first lot of bubble bags were sourced from Ali express little 1 gal bags now I just run rubbish through them so as not to wreck my good bags if you have a 220, 160, and a 45 you can make good hash. I run mine through a 220, 160, 73 and a 25. Im pretty sure that they do a cbd hash from cbd strains Frenchy talks about making cbd hash in one of his vids.

Looking at your cups I wouldn't recommend using another cup as the drip tray as it can cause water to get stagnant in the bottom of your cups causing root damage if you are not careful.


I put mine on a drip tray with a lip around the edge for the run off (They are not mj plants but seedlings for outdoor crops).


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Official start dates:
October 20th Charlottes web
October 29th Black lime bubba

Plan to veg untill tent is full, while topping to make more bud sites.

Currently vegging at 50w 18/6 cycle at the wall, will slowly increase it up to 80w, then at flip to 12/12 I will start at 130w untill I reach 160w/180w for flower.
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