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Round Two


Into round two. I picked out six of the fattest looking seed. All six sprouted. Did some modifications to last grows light set up. Last grow I let her (just one lucky seed) grow outside all summer and brought her in for flower under 2700k cfl's.

I had 4 100w and a 75w in the overhead reflector I made through most of this veg cycle. When I saw that the light had trouble reaching below I added four 32w 6500k's, two on each side.


I used straight Miracle Grow Potting Soil and Miracle Grow for veg'n. I got really surprised how well they came out. I had them on a 16 hour on 8 off cycle. I just swapped out my daylight bulbs for soft white's for flowering, which is now day two. I'm switching to Miracle Grow Flower Booster and molasses when and if I get any girls.

Looks to me compared to the first time, I have a strain of Indica growing now by the leaves.
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