RR's Winter Grow - Krishna Kush - Black Kush 98 - OGK


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So after a long break of not having my own journal I think its time to fire one up. Doing things a little different around here this time and will be trying my luck with photoperiod seeds. Due to my small grow space AutoFlower is my usual go to but I think with a quick veg time I can keep these girls under control. Here's what we will be growing this winter:
CSI Krishna Kush:

GEA Seads Black Kush 98

Dinafem OG Kush

I am using Clackamascoots soil recipe plus some other organic amendments from BAS. All water is RO.This is also the second run of this soil. Just finished up a StressKiller Auto from RQS and have an Royal Jack also from RQS about a week away from harvest. Lighting comes by the way of 4 Cree CXB3590's running a total of 200w. A few small fans keep everything moving and have a carbon exhaust filter.

Starter Pots:

Black Kush 98 First one above the soil

Amended soil with cover crop starting


And just because I love this photo so much here is Royal Jack. Starting to show some nice purple which is a first for me.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to produce some nice plants to share with you fine folks! :tokin:


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Looking good! I’ll tag along for the adventure if you don’t mind. That’s a beauty of a plant! The creeping purple is awesome. I’ve yet to grow a purple plant. Happy growing! :)

Welcome, thanks for coming by! The purple is a total surprise. Lowest the tent dropped was 63F, I had always thought 50's brought the purple if it wasn't a plant trait. Hoping the Krishna Kush shows some nice purples.


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The holy temple, i dunno what to say. Very wonderful. My missus loves some hash. Last time we had proper hash was in amsterdam.:cheer:

Hey Keltic thanks for coming by! That Holy Temple is something else. Funny story when I picked it up I asked the bud tender what his favorite hash was and he looked at the holy temple and said " Well this is what I smoke when I don't want to do drugs" SOLD! and I wasn't disappointed.
Hope you can make it back to the Netherlands, the hash is only getting better :)


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Quick check up here. Both Krishna Kush's are above soil and BK98 is trucking along. The Dinafem OG Kush is a no go. Pulled back the soil and bit and saw the tap root was gone. A few springtails were around so guessing they are to blame. Not a big deal I dropped a CBD Crew Critical Mass in some water so well give this another try.

Day 3 KK#1

Day 2 KK#2

Day 4 BK98

The Girls

Royal Jack, hope she makes it to Sunday

Also did some oil making over the weekend. Coconut oil for brownies and Grape seed oil for a pain relief creme. Used a total of 91grams of trim. The Grape seed oil comes in at 7mg/thc per ML, coconut oil is 5mg/thc per ML.


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Subbed up. Hoping I can keep up with all the threads now. Sorry about the OG Kush. I'd like to see that one grown out.

Cheers and Merry Christmas

Welcome Jim, glad you stopped by! Yeah shame about the OGK I was looking forward too that as well. The Critical Mass is a dud. Had it soaking in water since I think Monday and nothing. So had to dig into my free seed stash and looks like the filler seed will be a Dinafem Cheese. Not the most exciting but I think about anything in LOS soil will be good. Merry Christmas hope you have a nice holidaze!


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Well things are moving along nicely here. Had a few seed hiccups but no biggy have more waiting to go in. The CBD Crew Critical Mass is a dud. So next up in DinaFem Cheese. My seed supply is really slacking when it comes to photo period seeds since I'm usually an Autoflower kind of grower. IF I some how get lucky and both of the Krishna Kushs are Fem then the cheese will get the chop. I just really need to have 2 plants going each grow to keep up with my medical needs.
I think I have found a few favorite strain. StressKiller Auto from Royal Queen seeds. Just got her all finished up drying and is into jars for a nice cure. This plant really is something special, never had such a nice clean high. Great sativa energy and that boost of CBD really keeps down my anxiety. The coconut oil I made last weekend had 31g of stresskiller trim in it. The trim was washed and straight into the freezer no dry or cure of any kind. Then 6 hours in the crock pot on low. I used that oil and made a batch of brownies yesterday. Took a few with me for a guys night out and wow were my mates impressed. Looks like StressKiller is going to be making a few more guest appearances in my grow tent once these are done.
OK enough of that lets get to the main show
KK #1 8 days old

KK#2 7 days old

BK98 9 days old

One last look at Royal Jack before she gets the axe. Second time I've grown this strain and each time they've been massive plants.

I'll amend the soil tonight and hopefully my order of cover crop gets delivered today so I can get that started in there as well.
Lights are on 200w not sure if I will lower that once it's just the seedlings or just keep it a greater distance.

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all get to enjoy a little time off!


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Happy New Year
Lots has changed in the garden since last update. Royal Jack was cut down on the 23rd and is still drying in the refrigerator.
The seedlings aren't so seedling like anymore. They have received a EWC tea and just today they got a nice long dunk in BAS Big 6. I noticed a few brown spots on the BK98 not sure if its becoming root bound or just lacking nutes in the soil. Either way nothing the Big 6 won't fix.
KK1 (19 days)


KK2 (18days)

BK98 (20days)


Cheese ( 7 days)

Group shot

I think this week I will put them in their final pots give them 1 more week of veg then on to flower. Hope this doesn't give monster plants.


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Exciting news from my little tent:


I didn't want to put any bad info out so I have been watching these 2 girls like a hawk the last few days but it looks like I have to females. My first time running regular seeds and I was really worried I would end up with 2 boys. I did plant these seeds a deeper than normal, heard that helps in making females. I will be putting these babies in their forever home on Sunday.
Group shot




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Happy Monday everyone, sorry this journal has been so BLAH. Finally some fun stuff going on in the tent. Yesterday the girls were flipped to 12-12 with the addition of the far red puck. I put my lights as high as possible in the tent and going to let the girls grow up to them.
This morning they were all praying to the cobs which I'll take as a good sign. I am watering these based on the BAS 14 day schedule. Yesterday was a neem/kelp tea, seems they quite enjoyed it.

Before flip:


First morning after flip:

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