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RSO and Canine Diabetes?

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For years my wife and I have taken in senior Rottweilers and those with medical conditions that most owners do not want to deal with. We just buried our 7th or 8th one and naturally got a call from an animal shelter that has an 8 y/o. We have taken their diabetic special needs dogs for several years so they naturally try us first to see if there is "any room at the inn." We have got pretty good at handling the blood testing and twice daily insulin shots but I thinking there "MAY" be help using RSO or something along the cannabis line to deal with the disease itself. So, my question is...can anyone guide me to information that is out there or provide actual experience in dealing with dogs in the 80-110 pound range with diabetes? I started my first grow about two months ago and have several nice plants still in veg so I would hope I can make my own. If there are other options for treatment using cannabis I would like to hear about them as well.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Firstly let me say I have not yet used cannabis oil to treat diabetes in a dog ... however I have been treating my husband with cannabis oil for two months now as his insulin dependent diabetes was becoming uncontrolled mainly at night times and he was getting very disturbed sleep and sometimes bad sugar lows which hit him out of the blue and if I hadnt been there to help him he would have been in danger. So two months on his sleep pattern has changed dramtically ... three tiny drops get him to sleep quite quickly and he sleeps through the night more normally (and therefore so do I) so I would definitely try on a dog I wouldn't hesitate just start with a tiny amount ... I measure his sugar level before bed and again in the morning and no big drop... so although not a cure as yet it certainly protects organ damage and aids rest. Hope that helps your thought process.