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Rust colour spots

Baron Von Blurple

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Hello everyone, I have attached a few pictures of a auto plant I’m growing outdoors. I stated giving it nuits for the first time 3 days ago and noticed some rust colour on the leaves. Does anyone have an idea what it is? Thanks for the help
Are you growing in soil or Promix, and what did you use for nutes?

Baron Von Blurple

Well-Known Member
Well, I'd say its Calcium deficiency, but its awfully young to exhibit that condition which is why I asked about the Promix.

Seeing how Promix is buffered with limestone, I dont think you have a ph lockout issue.

You should have a CalMag in your toolbox of nutes. Remain calm, dont overfix a relatively minor problem for the time being. Let it grow, and observe it. If it continues on the new growth....Calmag it. Whats happened on these leaves already will not be reversed, but in fact, will get worse with age.

Thats ok.

In time, the plant will surely be big enough to compensate with many more leaves, and if it bothers you then...remove the uglies.
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