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Ruza's First Grow - Soil - Purple Cheese - Royal Dwarf - 2016


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Hi all,

this is my first grow and also first post in this forum and i would like to share my experiences/fails with growing. I started to grow, because of my chronic back pain/stress and it seems that it will be my hobby too. I am apologizing for my bad english, it's not my native language.

This grow started with 3 seeds of Purple Cheese and only two germinated (one seeds looked pretty bad in packaging). Both germinated pretty quick but after one week of veg they got spidermites invasion, so i must cure both with some SMC and put one outdoor and one stayed indoor. With that situation i decided to start another 3 Royal Dwarfs to fill box. For these seeds i had new germinating box. They were sprouted well, but i took too much care and heavily overwatered them. The result was pretty bad - 2 died :( and one survived :). Shes 11 days old and Purple Cheese is 39 days old from seeds.

Grow info:

1 x Royal Dwarf (RQS) (11 days from seeds)
1 x Purple Cheese (Autoseeds) (39 days from seeds)

Homebox Evolution Q60 (2'x2'x4')

Adjust-a-Wings S
MH GIB Growth Spectre 250w
HPS GIB Pure Bloom Spectre XTreme Output 250w
Gib NXE 250w 2nd gen.

1x Text pot 2 gal.
1x SmartPot 2 gal.

BioBizz Light-mix

BioBizz Bio Bloom, Grow, TopMax, RootJuice, BioHeaven, Alg-a-mic (Fish mix,Acti vera are on the way).
Usage 50% recommended with little flushing and with myself adjusted BioBizz feed plan for autos :)

Ram 240/180 m3
Carbon Filter 240m3
15cm fan

Hard water with PH 7,9. Watering when the pot is light weight.

Royal Dwarf (RQS) (11 days from seeds)


Purple Cheese (Autoseeds) (39 days from seeds)


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Thank you. I'm looking forward for Purple Cheese soo much. She survived so long so i hope she can make it. And Dwarf is pretty young :). Unfortunately, he can not grow under the MH because he grew up alongside with Cheese which is older.

One picture over HPS glasses:



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Today arrived last parts of my equipment. I got emergency tent with 2x led lights. I'm thinking about using this tent with the dwarf and put him under led? What do you think? I also got luxmetr and what i measured was that dwarf is getting about 17000 lx and the top of Cheese (dont know how is top bud calling in EN :Namaste:) is getting 73 000 lx (20 cm from the light - 7.87 inch). I am happy with that so dwarf is getting enough power, but with a little bit bad spectrum (pure bloom has a stronger red spectrum at the expense of blue spectrum against classic HPS). I'm also little worried about few leaves, that seems for some problems which is spreading quick (2 leaves a day). I think this is because of the Ca lock due to hard tap water.

Leaves problem:

Royal Dwarf (RQS) (12 days from seeds):

Purple Cheese (Autoseeds) (40 days from seeds):

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Canna Montana

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For some reason the pics look really small. I'll post a few charts for you to compare to your plants. Then you will have a better understanding of what's going on. We will be able to help you once you figure that out.




Let me know what you find out please. :)


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Nice pics, very useful info. But it seems to be very dificult to determine. I also saw a small fly flying around in tent, but no more pests in perimetr i hope. The brown spots are small now so i'll wait and see what can do. The uploaded pictures is larger in last post now.

Here is dwarf(12 days from seed), i decided to put him under the led in the new tent :Namaste:, babies are seperated now :cheer:



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Day 41

Yesterday i prepared a little surprise for Dwarfino. He(she) will grow up next to a little sisters. :cheer:



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Hey Ruza! I'm subbed in and along for the ride! Nice setup and you've got a good start already, including making the typical noob mistakes (which you won't repeat!!!).

Any reason you don't lower your pH from the 7.9 coming out of the tap? My water is high in pH here too and it made all the difference during my second grow when I lowered the pH to between 6.0 and 6.5.

Looking forward to your grow!

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Day 42

White widows seems to sprouting well :cheer: Cheese is in good condition too = no new bad leaves.

Today i did a little measurement:

Tap water 1l (over 1 day stayed, before BioBizz nutes):
PH-7.9, EC-0.36 mS/cm, Temperature: 23° C

BioBizz 1l cured water (TopMax-1.2ml, BioHeaven-2.1ml, FishMix-2ml, BioBloom-2,5ml, ActiVera-2ml):
PH-6.35 :cheer: EC-1.31 mS/cm, Temperature: 23° C

Here is one of few damaged leaves:


Purple cheese buds (42days from seed)


Dwarfino - 2days under Mars Hydro Reflector 48*5w Veg (14days from seed):



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Hey Ruza! I'm subbed in and along for the ride! Nice setup and you've got a good start already, including making the typical noob mistakes (which you won't repeat!!!).

Any reason you don't lower your pH from the 7.9 coming out of the tap? My water is high in pH here too and it made all the difference during my second grow when I lowered the pH to between 6.0 and 6.5.

Looking forward to your grow!

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Hello freidog,

yeah youre right. This time i think that widows come out about one-two days. I see the part of sprout now(2 days now). 1st sprouting was in towel - not bad, 2nd - Plagron germ. box with aditives (not bad, but i overcared and heavily overwatered), this time no additives (water PH 8) and with jiffys and without care :) it's going pretty quick :cheer:

About the water, i really thought about adjusting it, but we have good water (its mixed with water for small children), but little hard. I always adding some BioHeaven too, which lowering ph and contains amino acid. I think, that this acid can disolve segments and helps plant to better handle with the increased Ca and Mg. I have some ph down products, but have fear to use it in soil :(
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Yeah, but cheese is drinker. I must add them about 0.5l to this 1L BioBizz nutes every day. This 0.5 ml contains BioHeaven (1ml) and sometimes Alg-A-Mic (1ml). Maybe i add some ActiVera (got it this week). Dont know the ph of this solution yet, cause i got some new equipment this week.

About lights. The MarsHydro II 400W shining quite strong in comparison with Reflector 48*5W. It is clear 100w vs 200w (dont meassured real wattage, dont have equipment for that). If you want i could do some measurement with my lux meter, but with led the lux is useless i think. Dwarfino is under Reflectror which is about 90cm far from canopy thx to my new Growlab GL60 tent (HB evolution is much better, but in 2'x2' sizes is so short for led). It seems that dwarfino likes his new light and what i read the plant need more Ca,Mg which is perfect for my tap water condition. But time will show (Mega Fail :cheer:). What i disslike about Reflector is the fan. He do some buzzing so i bang the light to back and it is ok for about 2-3h, till i bang it again :thumb: Hope the Mars Hydro holders are strong enough or if it land on dwarfino i will be very disapointed. And the Biggest news is, that i ordered Budmaster II XG-4 :circle-of-love: today. They have discount 20% and the exchange rate is awesome after Brexit. So i will have 3 lights, and dont know, if the led will grow like i imaginate (no heat, no worries).



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Day 46

It's been awhile since the last post, so here is the update. Summer strikes really hard and Cheese got some serious burns. I really screw this up, because i have electrical ballast and i could dim hps down, when the temperature was critical (34 °C). I hope that Cheese doesn't need the burned leaves too much. Another story is Dwarfino and seedlings, he is growing well under led and i decided to lower the lights but not for long, because today i got Budmaster and switched the leds lights. Now Dwarfino and seedlings have to deal with Budmaster :D. I'm also speculating about the hang distance of Budmaster XG-4 and Dwarfino with seedlings, any idea?

Progress foto:

Royal Dwarf RQS (18d from seed):


White Widows Dutch Passion (5d from seeds):


Purple Cheese Autoseeds (46d from seed):


Grow comparsion:


Budmaster II XG-4:

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How close to the plant are your lights? Looks like you have some heat stress going on.

250w HPS about 18 cm from top of the canopy. Cannot go much further, because of the tent height. Maybe 3-5 cm :(. Summer temperature were very high and poor Cheese get burned a little :(. Looking forward to switch on led completely. Now its stormy, so the temperature ok for now :cheer:


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When you put your hand below the light, but just above the plsnt, is it too hot for your hand?

Its ok, but the temperature was critical in tent 34 °C (measured temp) in the bottom of the tent. On top it could be maybe 36 °C (not measured). Also got fan blowing on to HPS bulb, but if the summer strikes back, this situation can repeat. Dont have AC.


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Day 58

it's been a while since the last post, but the babies get big progression. I also thinking about that the Cheese is pretty strong, because shes surviving high temperatures well. I also dim the light. Now i adding only water with no additives. Today i make some flush, but forgot to measure the run off. Run off water was about 0.6l of little yellow water, which smelled like if you are in fresh forest lol. About the second tent, there is contentment. The budmaster is doing great job and i'm very happy with it. Growing under LED is awesome. I dont know why i spend some money on HPS :(, but the time will tell how will be the buds (250w HPS vs. XG-4 200w ). For now and summer the LED is ultimate winner and babies seems that like him too. Yesterday i set budmaster to full power and no problem a very little heat, not like the burning HPS and the manufacturer compare XG-4 with 600w HPS so i'm really looking forward for the results. Pity that I will not compare the two same strains :30:

On saturday i cuted one small bud (foto above) for just scientist purpose :Hookah: and used fruit drier on 45 °C. I now this method of curing is the worst, but it was saturday and i was impatient. Taste was like uuuuuu harsh. Today (big flushing day :D) 8h after flush i cut another small bud and dried it like last time, i must say, that the taste was improved and the bud was a little bit mature (2 days difference, trichomes was rarely amber, many cloudy, most clear - ratio 1-3-10). Now i decided to wait till harvest window and do at least one big flush and measure the run off.

Cheese (58d from seed):


Dwarf and widows:


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Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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