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Ruza's First Grow - Soil - Purple Cheese - Royal Dwarf - 2016


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Day 87

Hell yeah baby!!!!!! Sry for late but im alive and happy. Dont had much time to post, but i prepared some milestones for you :cheer:

22 days back, harvest time for cheese (dried in 6 days, now hermetically closed in shell and curing :volcano-smiley:):


Present (dwarf 59d from seed and widows 46d from seeds), this beauties growing under led and dwarf has some calcium problems, i dont add any epsom salt or something, just using biobizz and i realize that can be from little overfeeding. Now is late, dwarf is allready in flushing process, but the widows are subject to test. They seem that got it too but not as much yet. I added more Alg-A-Mic a litte cut normal dosage of N-P-K.:


David Bowman

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Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

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Dan Dark

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Hi all,

this is my first grow and also first post in this forum and i would like to share my experiences/fails with growing. I started to grow, because of my chronic back pain/stress and it seems that it will be my hobby too. I am apologizing for my bad english, it's not my native language.

This grow started with 3 seeds of Purple Cheese and only two germinated (one seeds looked pretty bad in packaging). Both germinated pretty quick but after one week of veg they got spidermites invasion, so i must cure both with some SMC and put one outdoor and one stayed indoor. With that situation i decided to start another 3 Royal Dwarfs to fill box. For these seeds i had new germinating box. They were sprouted well, but i took too much care and heavily overwatered them. The result was pretty bad - 2 died :( and one survived :). Shes 11 days old and Purple Cheese is 39 days old from seeds.

Grow info:

1 x Royal Dwarf (RQS) (11 days from seeds)
1 x Purple Cheese (Autoseeds) (39 days from seeds)

Homebox Evolution Q60 (2'x2'x4')

Adjust-a-Wings S
MH GIB Growth Spectre 250w
HPS GIB Pure Bloom Spectre XTreme Output 250w
Gib NXE 250w 2nd gen.

1x Text pot 2 gal.
1x SmartPot 2 gal.

BioBizz Light-mix

BioBizz Bio Bloom, Grow, TopMax, RootJuice, BioHeaven, Alg-a-mic (Fish mix,Acti vera are on the way).
Usage 50% recommended with little flushing and with myself adjusted BioBizz feed plan for autos :)

Ram 240/180 m3
Carbon Filter 240m3
15cm fan

Hard water with PH 7,9. Watering when the pot is light weight.

Royal Dwarf (RQS) (11 days from seeds)


Purple Cheese (Autoseeds) (39 days from seeds)
I am a first time grower too and this helped a lot to see Sativa seeds to plant. My first harvest is now in week 4 and looks a lot like some of your photos- pretty girls!
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