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RVgrowers 1st Stealth Grow of Afghan Kush Ryder and Kannabia Special


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Hello everyone! I'm RVgrower, and I'm new here....well I've been lurking thru the grow room journals for the last 6 months and doing my home work in preparation for this grow.
I am a grandmother, on disability because I have many many medical issues, have had 6 surgeries in last 4 years, & am on a small monthly fixed income, so I have had to gather supplies on the cheap or even free when possible. I learned THAT from all of YOU!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! I am barely making ends meet now, and I can't afford the fancy stuff at the dispensaries....I can't even afford their cheapest herb....and most importantly to ME, is that I WANT to grow my own medicine! I have the right to, and I feel better about doing it myself...

AND! This all has to be done in a way no one I've seen do it yet! I have to do this in a RV bathroom! That's the only space I have available, so this will be very interesting...

SO, here we go!

First let me say, I will continue to not only do my own journal, I will continue to keep reading yours as well. I've been following a lot of different people's grows, not just the one's growing Afghan Kush Ryder or whatever, because I am trying to learn all I can, and I have no books, just this site and the internet itself, but honestly I have been doing about 98% of my research thru here...

I have to go find my notes on the 2 different seeds' stats for you all.

I did figure out how to upload all my pics but I can't remember how to attach one here so I will have to go figure that out, so sorry everyone! I wanted to attach a few here to show you what I've developed so far. Being in a RV, I HAVE to keep everything removable and I can not alter any thing, at all, I have to trade this in for another or sell it some day, so I have to keep everything perfect!
Which is why I can only use the one room, the bathroom, for my space...and since it's in our tub/ shower unit, we have to remove the plants & stuff every 2 or 3 days to shower, but on the upside, as I hope you can see, my tub is kept spotless, so it will definitely be a super clean envirement! I am a real clean freak.

I am growing 1 Afghan Kush Ryder, 1 Kannabia Special, and I threw in 2 bag seeds just to see what they would do, and as a "just in case the others didn't go" back up! lol! Anyways, you will also be seeing our vegetable garden seeds for a while as well, just until they are big enough to go outside.
The Afghan Kush Ryder is labeled as "A.K.R. 3/18" the 3/18 is the date that the seed cracked open & the baby tap root poked out and she was pulled from the germination tent & brought out into the light.
The Kannabia Special is labeled " Kan. 3/18".
The Kannabia Special is in front of the AKR, and then there are 2 bag seeds next door to them, labeled "B.S.#1 3/18" and "B.S.#2 3/18". They haven't cracked yet, they may not, as they are pretty old, but I hear it can take weeks! SO I will let them be & see what happens...

And I beg of you all to be patient with this grandma here...I really am trying so hard to learn how to post and attach and such, but i'm not really computer savvy, so this is hard at times for me, and I will make mistakes, so please correct me, help me, teach me, anything is appreciated!!!

And any ideas or feed back is so needed and wanted! I will tell you, the biggest problem I've noticed since yesterday when I first got them into the tub enclosure, low humidity!!! After we had showered and put the plants there, the RH was about 77% at first, then a few hours later I checked it before bed, and it was down to about 54%, which I think is ok, and I hoped it was going to stay there....
But it didn't...We went out today, and when I got home, the temp was fine at 74 degrees, but the RH has plummeted to 34%! I am very worried that this is too low, so I misted the tray, poured water into the tray, and put a cup of water next to the tray...and I raised the lights, even though they weren't hot, the thermometer was RIGHT UNDER the lights too! But it was only 74Deg., so I know they aren't getting too hot, but it was still so dry, I am stumped already! Any ideas on how to keep my humidity up about 50%???

Okay, I'll be back tomorrow, by then I hope to know how to get my pics to attach to the posts....Any help on that will be appreciated too! I read the instructions, but haven't quite figured it out yet.

Okay, I will figure that out by tomorrow I hope, I'll be back on here in the AM to see what all you guys think so far...gotta go to bed now, hope you all have a Blessed evening!

Thanks for all your help everyone, I can't thank you enough...


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Re: RVgrowers 1st Stealth Grow of Afghan Kush Ryder and Kannabia Special.

Hey everyone, I'm trying again to post a picture to attach to my thread, plus, I can't really "find" my own thread in the first place! I know I sound stupid, but when I sign in, I get the main page, so I clicked on my name and just got my own profile I think, so I clicked on "Ongoing Journals", and found it about 1/3rd of the page down on the second page....So I clicked on that, and found myself here, seeing my posting from last night, above, and I am typing this in the only place I can find, the "Quick Reply" box down below my post above....I didn't find anything, at least I am not remembering it, of "...how to CONTINUE to post on the SAME THREAD of your own...", maybe you have to be younger than 35 to know how to do this stuff with ease, but I can't....my wife can't figure this out either, and I am a private person, so the only people I can ask, is you, my fellow 420 members and moderators....I'm really so sorry for not getting this yet, but if I can just figure it out, I'll be fine with it from then on....

So here goes....I'm going to try to attach a pic here of my growing area, which for me, is in my RV's bath room tub/shower unit, and since I am paying on this for the next so many years, and will sell it out right or trade it in on another in the long run, I can not alter the tub/ shower or the walls or anything in any way, and I have to keep it in there because the rest of the place is one giant room with kitchen/ living room on one end and our bedroom on the other end.

So then I got my supplies I have been gathering together...




Got all this stuff at Walmart, the Superthrive was for soaking my seeds before germination, then I used it when I planted the seeds in their starter cells with a seedling and germination soil, and i used one of those recycled hard molded brownish paper tray with like 24 or 36 cells in it? It's 100% biodegradable, and it was only $4.00, cuz you just put the soil and seeds in there then cover with some plastic wrap to keep the humidity up in there and generates condensation that way...the fancy plastic tray with the clear plastic top, and the 24 or 36 plastic cells that you have to put the additional peat discs or whatever those things are that are for starting seeds in, costs like $8 or more I think, and in my experience, those peat cups or discs or whatever, don't do very well, and the plastic isn't that good for environment, since it wouldn't last very long, prob. only 1 time, cuz it's so flimsy...at least this "paper" tray set is going to break down in nature and not hurt a thing!
(OH! And during the germination phase, which lasted 36 hours, I had the whole tray on a heating pad, and wrapped in a bunch of towels to keep the heat in, and to keep it covered so it stayed dark in there, just peeking in there along the edge to look through the plastic wrap with a flashlight to see if any of the seeds had sprouted or cracked...On the 3rd day, I pulled the plastic off and used tweezers to very carefully pick up the seeds by gently holding them with the tweezers on their outside edges, not touching the top or bottom, and saw my babies had cracked and tap roots were showing through the bottom, and the cucumber seeds we had in there as well had sprouted big time and were already standing up!)

Anyways, back to biz, so then I got Fox Farms Ocean Forest, thx to all of the reviews I read here, there, and everywhere! lol! And some Perlite thx to "Hempy" and the Hempy cup seedling cups I saw made in his grow journal on here....I will be doing that: Using the Solo cups that I already had, putting the hole an inch above the bottom for drainage, is that right??? I saw another guy said he used them as well, for a soil start, and he said he "...sliced 4 little slits.." in the bottom of his cups, so that when they come apart later for planting, they are very easily removed.

And then I also got my FFOF and Perlite at my local nursery, about 5 minutes from our place, and they carry Big Bloom Liquid, Grow Big Liquid, and Tiger Bloom Liquid...I didn't buy them yet, as I realize that I shouldn't add ferts till they are up and growing in their seedling cups with the FFOF after at least 3 weeks, isn't that right?
I will appreciate some advice on which of these ferts to use when the time comes, but that's much later, back to this...

So I got the removable shower curtain rod to hang the lights on and then remove with a twist for use of the shower! And I put my lights together, I may take off the reflector dishes later, when they are big girls and need a bigger spread of light...
And the mylar replacement is via my own dog's "Beneful" food bags thanks to the dude on here that gave me that idea! THANKS BRO!!! ... my dogs were already eating that brand, so I just saved up the last 3!

So here they were right after they came out of germination, March 18th...

By day 2 out, I had them this far, more mylar around it, and just sitting on the couch, I still had supplies to buy at this point, so I just used a desk lamp I had with a 27watt CFL Floodlight, it was good enough to get them going, at least the cucumbers are!! LOL!

Then I got the lights up on the rod...

And the cool thing about this shower tub, is this awesome skylight that gives us lots of natural sunshine above as well!

So then I put the mylar in, and used a tote turned upside down in the tub, to raise the nursery bed to the lights, and got them in there!

And then on the first night in there, Tues. the 22nd, 4 days after germination took place, I had it up and going, has a decent RH, and temp, so all looks good so far...

Now I will leave this one here, because I finally got my notes together, and I have to come back in the next post to give you all the seed stats....and again, I am so sorry I didn't know how to attach pics at 1st, and got flustered, and started the thread before I listed my seed stats, so they will be up next! Thanks so much everyone for understanding....I'm trying so hard to do this right, both my garden and the computer posting and stuff, I am learning as I go, even after 6 months of just reading on here! It's different when you have to actually start posting and uploading and attaching and such!
Thanks for your patience and understanding....it means so much to me....
Peace and Blessings to you all!


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Re: RVgrowers 1st Stealth Grow of Afghan Kush Ryder and Kannabia Special.

Okay, well it looks like I am getting the hang of this stuff, slowly...but I am trying...

Here's those stats:
I HAVE 1 EACH OF THESE PLANTS AND 2 MYSTERY BAG SEEDS RIGHT NOW, the 2 medical seeds (the Afghan Kush Ryder, aka "AKR" a& the Kannabia Special) have cracked, have 1/4" tap roots & so I now they are going, the bag seeds haven't, they were just meant to be "back up", in case something went wrong & I didn't germ the 2 med seeds for some reason...turns out it was the other way around! lol! The med seeds cracked in less than 36 hours, still waiting on the bag seeds to germinate! Been 9 days so far for them, so they may not go and I don't care if they don't...I have 2 more AKR's set aside to start a month or so after these girls veg, maybe less, so I will have a "rotating crop"....At least that's my plan so far.....

Plant #1 first...
What strain?:

Afghan Kush Ryder
(Feminized Autoflower)

THC Content?:


I or S or H?:

100% Indica

In flower or veg?:

Not quite yet

Inside or out?


Soil or hydro?

Soil- FFOF

Plant #2 next:

What strain?:

Kannabia Special

THC content?:


I or S or H?:

Seed supplier stated," ...genetics are mostly Indica with a Sativa side..."

Is it in flower or veg?:

Not quite yet...

Inside or out?:


Soil or Hydro?:

Soil- FFOF

Size pots?

Currently: 1&1/2" seedling starter cell

After they are up and have a few nodes:
I have 2 sets each of these rounds- 4"x4", 7"x7", and 9&1/2"Wx8" Tall...
I may not use the 7's....I might be able to go right from the 4" rounds, or "Hempy" cups, right to the 9&1/2" x 8" pots, we will see.

What lights do I have?:

Two 55Watt, 2700K "Cool White" CFL's

Temp of room?:

Daytime temps while lights are running, avg. about 70 to 75 degrees.
Night time temps avg. about 66 degrees, but that temp will be going up as the
weather warms up....

RH of room?

Daytime avg. about 45% to 55%....
Night time avg. about 40% or so...

PH of media/ runoff?:

N/A cuz couldn't find PH kit yet, will prob. get 1 online now, as soon as I can.
I have taken the advice by another member/ moderator, to let water sit for 24 to
30 hours to to release the chlorine and other nasty things...I will prob. keep
doing this for the health of the plants...


None visible, no signs, not any so far, & I used to be an exterminator, so I
definitely know my bugs! NO BUGS!

How often watering?

Just misting tops of other plants in there that have lots of soil in their cups, for the humidity, because the topsoil dries out a bit, and poured water into bottom of tray yesterday when I got it all put together to also keep up humidity...but the seedling soil the seeds are sitting in in their seedling cells is still wet, because the soil is so fine, and the cells have holes in bottom so the soil can uptake the water from the tray, no top watering!

Type & strength of ferts used?

None yet, only used Superthrive in the water I used when germinating, and it's in the mister water bottle too, just like 5 drops to a qt. of water.

When they are older I will be asking for help with deciding which ferts to use on these girls.....

Square footage of the room?

Well, the TUB/SHOWER ALONE, is 2 ft wide, by 4 ft. long, by 6 ft tall.
The bathroom itself in total, is about 4ft. wide by 4 ft. wide....
We have a GREAT "shit fan" in the ceiling that's 1 ft. round diameter, has 3 speeds, and on LOW, you can REALLY feel a lot of air being drawn up from the bottom of the bathroom door, on high, it damn near lifts you off the toilet! LOL!! ha ha ha ha , but true...I DON'T have any info on the actual RPMs of these speeds, but they are FAST! So I am anticipating just running the fan on low almost constantly when they go into flower in about 4 to 6 weeks I'm guessing...

The stats on the Kannabia Special said that it likes "... good ventilation and dry atmosphere mainly during flowering..." It also said that Kannabia needs to veg. for 30 days, but then said,".....flowering can START already in 9 weeks..." . Uhm....that doesn't even make sense to me, personally, because what is happening between the end of Veg. after 30 days, and flowering, which they said can START in "9 weeks"......???
It did say that it should "mature in 7-9 weeks inside".....
So I am very very confused....I think they lost something they were trying to say in the translation into English maybe....lol!

Anyhow, I have a few more pics coming later today, I hope I am doing this right....I didn't get 1 message, comment, nothing.....

I will really, really, REALLY appreciate any HELP, FEEDBACK, INSTRUCTIONS, THOUGHTS, IDEAS, ANYTHING! I am doing something I haven't heard anyone else do, and I have no close friends I can turn to here....We are quiet grandma's, keep to ourselves, but I have to have my medicine, and I am determined to grow it for myself...

Thanks to all of you out there! See you again with a proper good report for the evening and some more pics this afternoon!

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Re: RVgrowers 1st Stealth Grow of Afghan Kush Ryder and Kannabia Special.

I like the area! No reason for anyone to be snooping the RV, easy to lock, and the sunlight... jeez. One question though, do you have a fan for the area or are you planning on keeping the plants dancing with the vent fan?


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Re: RVgrowers 1st Stealth Grow of Afghan Kush Ryder and Kannabia Special.

I like the area! No reason for anyone to be snooping the RV, easy to lock, and the sunlight... jeez. One question though, do you have a fan for the area or are you planning on keeping the plants dancing with the vent fan?

You are so right, Taco...I will see how thing progress I suppose, being that 1 of my 4 walls is a shower curtain, and everything has to be removable as needed for showering 3 or 4 times a week, I am not sure how to do that, but I am thinking of a little "mini-fan" on a base mane, and then I can just set it in there in the tub at first when they are small, and then on the john or counter, with the curtain pulled back at that point, when they are grown up...

Thanks for the question dude, this is exactly why I need some feed back and input here! I KNOW there are lots of cannabis lovers in RV's around the world that would love to grow their own herb/ medicine, but bought they just couldn't because of the restrictions in the layout, lack of square footage and separate rooms, but on the UP side- think about this!

#1- I am in a park of about 25-30 spots, kinda small, but even in larger parks, up to a hundred sites or more, when you live in your unit long term like this, they either include electric in the monthly rent, or like here, they read my meter on my own little pole, then charge me for MY usage only, and then THEY pay one giant bill each moth which always varies, due to incoming and outgoing RV's, weather, etc...so I don't have a direct link to the local power company, and THAT'S COOL!

#2- Water is FREE!!! And usually very good! But I will be PH testing regularly as soon as I can get a PH meter...might just wait a week or two till I have money to get a digital model, very easy to use, don't have to buy more solutions, test strips, etc...so all those costs are eliminated in the long run....

#3- I can DRIVE ME, MY HOUSE AND MY PLANTS TO ANOTHER PLACE ANYWHERE I WANT TO, WHENEVER I WANT TO! Who else can say that they can do that?! LOL!!! Funny, but true!

Yeah, I know this is going to be a challenge, but I HAVE to make this happen, and I am a determined lady!

Thx for your input again, Taco, I sure appreciate it! Hey! You popped my "1st comment cherry" ! Thanks dude! And thanks for the thought about the fan...
I have SO much to think about.....


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Re: RVgrowers 1st Stealth Grow of Afghan Kush Ryder and Kannabia Special.

Today is day 7 since I first took the cracked seeds out of the germination tent, & put them out into the light, and my babies are just sitting there still....the size of the tap root is increased a TINY bit since I pulled them out into the light, and the soil is still very wet, because the paper trays are keeping the paper cells the seeds are in wet, by drawing up the water thru their holes or thru the paper itself, but they aren't DOING anything!

Now I am freaking out!The vegetable seeds are going like CRAZY!!! The cucumbers are 2" and the Zucchini are sprouting, and squash are too....the cilantro, green bell peppers and green onions have NOT germinated yet at all, so I am very perplexed.

I am now second guessing myself, and everything I have done! I have seen some of you swear by germinating till the tap roots are 1/4" long or more, and I didn't do that, but some of you are old schoolers, like me, who have always just pushed a seed down in the soil, watered and watched it grow! That's what I was trying to do, while still going "high tech", with all the indoor lighted grow, the special soils, ferts, RH/temp/ph testing, etc...I am trying so hard to do this right....my life is depending on it....I NEED my medicine as soon as possible, & I picked these particular strains for their quick growing and high medicinal values....

Also, the RH goes up to about 51% at night with the lights off, and the temps go down to about 66 or so....
During the day with both lights on about 4&1/2 " inches above the nursery, the RH is about 35-45% percent, and the temps stay up to about 72 to 75 degrees...

OH!!!! The stats on AKR say since she is an autoflower, to run the lights on a 20/4 cycle "from seed to harvest", as they put it, and I think the Kannabia was recommended to be on a 18/6......right NOW, I have it on a 12/12 cycle, honestly, because they are babies, and I don't want to burn them, and because we just hit 12 hrs each of day and night outside in nature, I thought it would be okay...


I'll be uploading some pics of the days situation in about a half hour to an hour, so I'll be back then...

HEY! Where's Mr. 420, SomkeyMacPot, and all the other moderators/ grow-masters when I need them???



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Re: RVgrowers 1st Stealth Grow of Afghan Kush Ryder and Kannabia Special.

HEY! HempRocket! Thx so much for dropping by to look at my grow, I'm honored! Yeah, the ones sprouting are! lol! Cucumbers for our vegetable garden that we had to sprout inside right now because it's still going to be to close to freezing for the next 3 to 4 weeks outside...but they are the ones in front of MY special babies...they are in the back, labeled "Kan. 3/18" is my Kannabia Special, cracked in heated germination ( kept at about 70- 75 degrees during germination time..I read quite a few people swear by this method, so I did it...) & had a tap root on 3/18, is why I labeled her like that, I hope that makes sense...In front of her is her girlfriend, Afghan Kush Ryder, labeled "A.K.R. 3/18".....I found them both cracked open with tap roots on that date, ( and the cucumber seeds had sprouted & were already trying to stand up!) so removed the saran wrap from the seed tray germinator / seedling tray they are still in, and I put them under a 27 watt CFL Flood light in a desk lamp I had, wrapped some of the "mylar" I harvested from the dog food bags and got them started...they were like that about 3 days- under the light in the kitchen/ living room area, then got them into the bathroom tub/ shower unit & under the bigger lights. Since then the Cucumbers have just got bigger and more have sprouted each day, but my seeds haven't done much at all....just kind of growing at a snails pace! At this rate they might be fully grown in about 12 years it feel like! lol! Seriously, the tap root was maybe a 1/32nd or 1/16th when I took it out of heated germination, and I have taken a tooth pick and very gently pushed the soil back away from against the side of the top of the seed, and saw the crack was all the way back to the top on one side and the tap root had about doubled to become like 1/8th of an inch long, that was day before yesterday...I don't want to f*ck with it too much and keep checking, you know? And I HAVEN'T been watering, but the soil IS really wet, so I have decided to just drop the lights to about 4 &1/2 inches above the nursery and let the humidity stay down, maybe that will help, and the heat on them too...they are sitting just at the surface...I have to go get my next set of pics off the iPhoto onto here next, that shows the seeds sitting in the soil up close...I DID push the soil away a little bit more than it really was to take the pic, so you all could see them, you can't see the tap roots, they are down in the dirt of course, but after I took the pic the other day, I gently pushed the seedling soil back up against the sides of the seeds, just barely to the top. Today, 2 days late, they are just sitting at soil level, but no signs of white above the soil yet.....I THINK they are getting above the soil, but maybe my minds playing tricks on me, cuz I have been staring at these seeds for weeks and I am still not seeing any green! Just A fully cracked seed, the beginnings of their Cotyldons (sp.) would be great... I really thought they would be an inch or 2 tall be now....

But like everyone says, "...your first grow never goes exactly as planned, never..."...
So now I'm going to go get those pics!


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Re: RVgrowers 1st Stealth Grow of Afghan Kush Ryder and Kannabia Special.

Okay, here is Kannabia...

And here is Afghan Kush Ryder...

This is the whole nursery, with my vegetable sprouts in front and beside my medicinal babies....OH!! Speaking of them, they have some other neighbors too, Bag seed #1 & Bag seed #2, neither of which has even cracked yet, and we started germination on March 15th, they were just back up, so I won't care if they don't go, but will leave them here until I at least am done with the nursery.
The solo cups have veggie seeds in them too that are sprouting as well already, and the square 4x4 pot has a Ti plant, it's Hawaiian and it's for good luck and prosperity in our new home here in the RV...we got it about 4 months ago, and am just giving it a boost by putting it in here with the other tiny babies in the house now. Being winter, we've been running the heater a lot because we had more than a few snow storms this winter, so it got dried out a bit and the soil was receding off the log thing that it grows out of...

And here's one shot I thought I'd throw in that is what it looks like at night in the bathroom/ grow room....


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Re: RVgrowers 1st Stealth Grow of Afghan Kush Ryder and Kannabia Special.

Everything looking good. I would just like to make one suggestion: I would keep the soil moist but not wet. The soil in your pictures looks very wet.


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Re: RVgrowers 1st Stealth Grow of Afghan Kush Ryder and Kannabia Special.

OH! And in response to the person who asked what I'm shooting these pics with- you're not going to believe this, but it's just my 3.2mp camera on my Blackberry Bold 9650!!! I can't believe it either! They DO look like really nice high quality camera shots, don't they? I'm very pleasantly surprised......


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Re: RVgrowers 1st Stealth Grow of Afghan Kush Ryder and Kannabia Special.

Everything looking good. I would just like to make one suggestion: I would keep the soil moist but not wet. The soil in your pictures looks very wet.

Yeah, HempRocket, I thought that too, thats why I was at first concerned with my humidity dropping to the low 30's or so during the day, but right now it will be a good thing, and hopefully dry out that seedling soil...any other suggestion besides that? It gets up to the mid to high 70's in there during daytime period, and we are still having outside temps of only the 50's and 60's still....By July, August I know my prob. will most likely be TOO much heat....RV's are crappy as far as insulation goes.....we really feel the temperature changes.

So do you think I should just let them be, let the soil dry up a bit, maybe pull the wet tray? I hate to move the seeds while they are trying to establish bigger roots and those micro-root things that they have when they are so young and delicate right now...

Any ideas and input is GREATLY appreciated, and THANKS so much for all you're doing for me already!
Thanks again for your interest in my grow, it means a LOT to me! THANK YOU!!:thanks:


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Re: RVgrowers 1st Stealth Grow of Afghan Kush Ryder and Kannabia Special.

I would just leave them alone and let them sprout and get established.

I agree with you, and that's what I am going to do...today is a very nice day, temps about the low 50's but the sun is out, and I just went in there, and saw that on the backside top of my Kannabia is showing white on top now!!! I know it will still be a while before we see green leaves, but it is still progress, and that's all that matters...AND! I checked the bag seeds, and they are ALSO just now starting to crack open and split! SO, I just MIGHT be growing 4 plants. This is getting to be very interesting after all! And exciting!

SO, I dropped a dusting of dry seedling soil outta the bag on my seed beds,and dropped a little pile of the same stuff on the bottom of the tray underneath where my babies sit, to dry up the bottom, which was almost dry but still pretty damp.. cuz 1 cell in my lil' 4 pak had a bottom that was completely gone already, and very wet too, all the bottoms are...the initial watering i gave them all after they came out of heated germination was too much I can see now....this one's my own fault....chalk this one up to a learning experience I guess!
Anyhow, my grow room had got up to 81 degrees (RH is at 31%) when I went back in there to do that, and I left the door open to have the fan I have outside the door blow some dry air thru there, I will be doing lot of that this summer for sure!

I appreciate your interest HempRocket, and congrats on Member of the Month! I've studied your grow journals too, I'm trying to learn all I can from all of you and I couldn't be more thankful for this site than I am!


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Re: RVgrowers 1st Stealth Grow of Afghan Kush Ryder and Kannabia Special.

Oh yeah, I just realized I have 7720 lumens over my plants right now, and my square footage is about 8 sq.ft. on the floor, then it's about 6 ft tall as well, so that makes it 48 cu. ft .....and I don't remember the math on the whole "Lumens per sq. ft. thing"...and since I am so broke, I will either be lucky enough to find a cheap enough LED panel on craigslist or Ebay..., or I will have to buy a tiny cheap one next month when I have more money...
I'm also thinking of going to a little more light each day, currently on 12/12, I read the info on my AKR and they recommend a 20/ 4 schedule for her from "seed to harvest", and the Kannabia was an 18/6 I believe....so I am thinking of working my times up to about the 18/6 or even 19/5, or maybe just going up to the 20/4 after all....

Any suggestions guys and gals???

Thanks for ALL replies! Peace!


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I'm sorry but you have it all wrong. You're not supposed to be working your way from 12/12 to 20/4 or 19/5 or whatever. You have to realize that in nature these seeds sprout in the spring when they can get 18 hours of light (unless they are growing at the equator, but that's a different discussion) and then as summer progresses, the amount of light is decreased...so...you should really be starting them on 20/4 or 19/5 or 24/0 or whatever and working your way down to 12/12 (if that's what you desire). If they are auto flowering plants, I would just keep them on 24/0 schedule. Hope this helps.


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hi RV. i think i'd leave those lights on 24/0 till they've established roots. u're not gonna' burn 'em & u don't yet have them rooted. just a thought....whatcha' think hemp?


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hi RV. i think i'd leave those lights on 24/0 till they've established roots. u're not gonna' burn 'em & u don't yet have them rooted. just a thought....whatcha' think hemp?

Yeah I totally agree.
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