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s1ingblade needs your help, Bad!

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First of all I apologize if this is the wrong place or out of place.
I desperately am in need of your help.
My 17 year old daughter Anne is an addict.
She is missing and an arrest warrant (not her first) is active and when they catch her shes going to do some serious time.
This will probably sound weird but I am praying they do catch her and lock her up, then at least I will know shes safe. I found out today its not just cannabis shes testing dirty from its also Meth. It gets worse! Her probation officer told me shes also using drugs intravenously which means shes shooting up Meth and possibly Heroin.

Im freaking cause shes one of the closet things Ive been bonded too. I had full custody of her 90% of her life and up until a year ago I tucked her in every night. My ex-wife (her mother) begged for a chance to spend some quality time raising her as most of her life my X screwed off and screwed anything that moved (another story irrelevant now) but told me she changed and all that and I believed her, MISTAKE!!

All I ask is those of you that pray to God, a god or some form of higher power PLEASE pray she will survive long enough to get picked up and arrested. Sheesh I would've never thought in a million billion years I would hope for that but its desperate now and Im afraid she overdose and die.
We've lost too many loved ones the last year and I for one cant handle another one. Regardless if its my child or not, no more death PLEASE!

Thanks for reading this


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Re: s1ingblade needs your help, BAD!!

you know my support is there brother sling,

I dont like to use the cops,but for the love of god my man,report her missing
a warrant is not enough,tell them she is in danger


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My heart goes out to you, bro. I hope they find her so she can begin the load road of rehabilitation and start a new chapter.


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She will my man,first she needs to be found,and she will

did you call the heat?? freakin tell them she was last seen getting pushed into a car,issue a amber alert,she is a minor.

vibes sent your way, every minute she is missing and every minute she will be in recovery.


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I hope the best for you s1ing, If you know who/where she likes to hang out I'd I'd look there, they may hide her from the cops but not you since you're her dad. If she is to live with you after she's all done with the cops. I'd lay the law down and tel her this is how it's going to be for her to stay and stick to it. if that means kicking her out, do it. I know what I say is a hard thing to do but I'm speaking from experience. My oldest thanks me for taking such a hard stand against her heroin use


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S1ing, I'm truly sorry to read that. I have quite a few friends going through the same thing with their sons/daughters, I feel for them and you. Everything will be ok. If you know her friends at all, drill them. Jail will help her. Meth and Heroin addictions are fucking horrible. But good hard time and then possibly father requested court ordered house arrest. Then it's your time to handle what you need to with your daughter!

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Everyone IS connected in this universe, you just can't see it. My vibes and everyone else's on here will hit you like a truck really soon. I can feel it!


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like a boat in stormy seas we can sometimes only hold on... ride it through
no control is the scariest

i send my hopes and prayers as well
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