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If some religions sip wine at the altar, others should be allowed to smoke pot.

That is the opinion of Rev. Edwin Pearson and Rev. Michel Ethier, two ordained ministers behind a class-action lawsuit challenging Canada’s marijuana laws.

The ministers, along with lay preacher James Hoad, allege the federal government is violating the religious freedom of members of the Church of the Universe, which claims marijuana as a “sacrament.”

In a statement of claim filed with the Federal Court of Canada, the trio accuses the government of harassing church members and “denuding” them of their dignity. They allege church members are often stopped leaving services and their “sacramental cannabis” seized.

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this is what has always confused me about laws concerning religion. any person has a right to practice any religion with any wild and crazy rules they please, so long as it doesnt break any laws at least in america. not familiar with canadaian law but anyway. in the US chrisitan religions can serve wine at communion to anyone person who as been baptized, even young children. under US law this is supplying a minor with alcohol but have you ever heard of a priest being busted for it? no, america has too many double standards over laws, playing favorites for whatever reason.
all im asking for is that the government treat everyone equally and respectably. let the priest keep their "blood of christ" and the universian people keep the "brain of christ"
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