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"Safer Brand End all insect killer"?

although my pest strips are taking care of many insects that appear to be aphids, my local hydro shop had "safer brand" end all insect killer". it is1% salts of fatty acids, .9% neem oil, .012% pyrethrins, and 98% other., can these be applied when plants are at 6 weeks flowering? i also bought doktor doom total release fogger which is pyrethrins and piperonyl butoxide, as a last resort. anyone ever try any of these during late flowering?

so far my pest strips have caught a lot of the little destructive mfers. i also used some hot pepper wax. in a few days i should be able to tell if there is more damage or if i have halted the carnage. so far the damage is not bad enough to ruin the plants. however if it gets worse i have to consider these as options. but i am hesitant to in case they ruin the buds. all of them say they can be used on all fruits vegetables flowers etc. however, i would rather put my trust in someone's advice who has experience with the products. the last time i trusted the govt. and a manufacturers word on chemicals was agent orange. fortunately i survived in tact. Also, i have read extensively on this website and have learned that some of these will burn plants. i also worry about the taste since i have only about a month to go. any help will be greatly appreciated.
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