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Safer Caterpillar spray or Azamax?


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Fall caterpillars are the only pests I really notice, and they can suck!! The grow shop told me to use "Safer" cat. spray.

They said up to 2 weeks before harvest is ok with Safer??
Is Aza max as good or better??
Im thinking spray in August and stop in Sept.?

I only see Caterpillars during flowering. Im not too hip with spraying my flowers but need to find a healthy solution. The grow shop said "Safer" is safe and I havent asked them about Aza max for caterpillars yet. Looks like I will be spraying Aza max this season for mites so I might buy A BIG jug and use for Caterpillars too if recommended. I plan to post pics this season when I learn how to use the computer/this site. I want to thank everyone for their knowledge!!!! Jesse
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