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Saffa With A Few Interesting Seeds


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Hey guys - from South Africa

Our neighbours recently moved houses and through the process, a small mason jar filled with a strain of Swazi Gold, a landrace original here appeared. The only thing is that it is 23 years old. Outdoor grown of course. However its remained sealed, out of the light and I doubt humidity in our area would be hindering the contents by any amount. It interests me for the strain itself but also due to it probably being more of the "original" strain then that of all the outdoor being cross bred throughout the years.

Ill be looking at them in the next few days and the question stands, really worth it?

Hydroponic set up will be my means - A hopeful aim - Feminized seeds.

anyway, keen to hear from you guys

Toke.n of appreciation


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Wow, that's like finding buried treasure... absolutely worth it, get on it! :27: :yahoo: :slide: :thumb:


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Hey guys

Short update...

Managed to wangle our way to this little container in which neither of us could open after being sealed for 23 years



This is what we uncovered. Over the border compressed weed. What outdoor sativa is this




I was doubtful of finding seeds at that point but this is what we managed to find



The picture in which there are three seeds, an immature seed alongside a mature seed and the unknown seed behind.The previous photo is of the 4 seeds we found. odds are not in my favour by any means but I shall be starting the grow soon. Thanks for reading

Toke.n of appreciation
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