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Sale - Hand Blown Glass on Glass Water Pipe


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Hello everyone!
We have been sponsors for a few months now, but we have only posted a couple messages, so we decided to offer up one of our great items @ our lowest price ever and include a free grinder for all 420 members!

We are offering up our NICE glass on glass design water pipes for $75 including shipping. These water pipes are the best quality water pipes we stock. They have ice catchers, glass on glass diffuser slide, glass on glass bowl, and glass on glass bubbler slide ash catcher included.

420 members will receive FAST Upgraded Priority mail with a 1-3 day delivery time. 420 Magazine buyers also will receive a random grinder with purchase!
Just mention 420 Magazine in the notes section during checkout
These water pipes are top quality and retail for $150+ in a shop. Why pay more? While supply lasts...
Here is a link to a you tube video of the piece
Here is a link to the item on our site

WE accept all major credit cards be sure to read our "read before buying/policies page" before placing an order.

THANKS for reading our thread! IF you have any questions you can email us @ cheapglassandgrinders@yahoo.com
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Here is an updated link to the new youtube video​
YouTube - ‪100 0365‬‏

Sorry for the confusion the first video was no good...

420 forum users will receive free upgraded expedited shipping via upgraded priority mail (1-3 day delivery)(within the usa only)
420 forum users will also receive a free extra random grinder!


I just received my parcel after ordering on Monday (President's Day).

This is a good product, the grinder is nice and the customer service as good as it gets.

Thanks Wheadshop!



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Hey everyone, I recieved my new piece in 3 days, I bought the mushroom glass bong on the video above. You can't beat the price, and the customer service is second to none! I also want to add that since I also ordered a few other items, they through in some extras. I was very happy with the deal before the extras, so anything else was just iceing on the cake! If anyone is looking for a new piece, big or small, make sure you check these guys out first. They got some nice one of a kind heady pieces for unbeatable prices.
Thanks again guys, I will be sure to buy from you again.
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