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Saliva Pre-Employment Substance Screening

Will I pass my saliva drug test?

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Street Doctor

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The last time I smoked was on a Sunday @ 12 pm and I have a Saliva drug test on Wednesday @ 3 pm. Since I'm not a phene, and know the virtues of patience I have been able to maintain sober for a period of 52 hours and counting, but my dilemma is............while on my off time I began to clean my pipe with the rubbing alcohol and salt mixture; nothing bad really....until my foolish self put the soaked pipe to my lips for like 3 seconds while I blew out some of the liquid from inside the pipe. Before licking my lips with my tongue I realized my mistake; I managed to rub my lips with my shirt in an effort to remove the liquid on my lips which wasn't a lot. My question to all seasoned smokers is......Did me putting my glass pipe on my lips 21 hours before my saliva drug test set me up to test positive for THC?

-I am a chronic smoker.
-I've been sober for 52+ hours and counting.
-I have great oral and dental hygiene for a smoker.
-I cleaned my lips off with my shirt before licking my lips and having to swallow my saliva.
-I have about 20 hours till I take my test.
-I didn't really get the weed water taste; just mainly the alcohol and salt.
-The pipe was soaking in the alcohol/salt solution for about 3 hours.

Is there still hope for me?


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I'm pretty sure you'll be just fine, putting a glass pipe to your lips isn't going to make you fail your drug test, it doesn't work like that. Drug tests have a threshold, so even if some how a minuscule amount of THC was absorbed by touching the pipe to your mouth, it still wouldn't be enough to register a positive result. Saliva drug tests are very easy to pass in my opinion, you just have to be sober for 3 days. I say 3 days to be safe, I've had friends that have smoked the day before and have still managed to pass, some people say you only need to stop for 24 hours but I'd rather be safe then sorry. By the time you take your test you'll be over 72+ hours clean so you should be able to pass with flying colors.
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