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Hello Everyone!!!

This is my first official post and as I'm writing this I'm in week 4 of vegging my trainwreck strain I have 3 going right now, this is my first grow ever!!! I smoke a lot on the daily and figured that I could be saving myself a lot of dough if i grew my own, plus it is fun, it has become one of my hobbies. Up where I live an oz of weed could cost upwards of 250 bucks or more, so it is a really expensive indulgence. I am Canadian and live around Toronto, I have visited several different forums about cannabis cultivation and this forum has the friendliest people and most helpful people around, hence the reason why I joined and writing this now. Happy grow to all my fellow brothers and sisters!!!!!


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Hi brotherbuddz,

Welcome and nice to meet you! Always great to meet new growers myself being one of them having just started about a year ago. Sounds like you're doing great would love to see some of your grow. I completely understand your motivation too, besides it being a whole lot of fun, it will be considerably less expensive and dare I say - better quality.

Congrats on finding this place :)


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Yes growing your own is so satisfying for the reasons you mentioned. I love not having to go find some shady dealer who may or may not try to rip me off. Its not like you can go to the cops and tell them someone stole your weed. Then you would end up on americas dumbest criminals or something. But gardening is almost as satisfying as smoking and since you grew it yourself it just makes it that much sweeter
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