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Same Hydro Different Strains - So Different


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Right 1st picture is a white widow auto and the second is a AMS...



They are in the same hydro same feed PPM and PH are perfect.

I have had issues with heat...but got a cooler hood so its a bit better the temp at the plants base is 36 but the room temp is 29.

The plants at the back are soil and were a gift but the 2 hydro are my own....why such a big difference, both started at the same time and been through the same stuff...my guess is heat based nute lock the widow is a slight shade of yellow and the AMS is doing well...any other detail you need just ask.


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Re: Same hydro different strains...so different..why?

I've seen growers run hydro and organic soil grows side by side with WW, and it performed better in soil. Taller, Wider, and more Bud production.

36C is really hot. Can you get your temps down closer to 22-28C?

In the post, a new fan for the hood (700m3/h) and another vent cut in should get me to 27c (I know my temps are bad but before a rejig I was running 44c (killed 2).

Im guessing until my temps are under control its going to be tough to say anything but temps at this time.


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Re: Same hydro different strains...so different..why?

Ouch 44C is really hot.

When you get your temps under control, it'll help. But one of the grows I saw was from a breeder, Not sure if I can mention the name, but if you search 'white widow grow' on youtube, it should be the first result. There's a guy looking closely at a plant in the video preview picture.


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Re: Same hydro different strains...so different..why?

Right got my temps down on sunday

Highest (warm day) is now 30 but average is 27.

Going to leave is a few more hours and take more pics for help on the white widow, its 4 weeks till my switch to 12/12 and if the WW doesn't show signs of a recovery its being retired :rip:.
From what I make out its a cross between heat and nute burn, with the AMS and the WW Auto being in the same hydro system its near impossible to do anything to save it.
Hand watering is out (hard to explain)

If I must I can transplant to soil but with the state of the plant and the shock that would provide maybe im just being hopeful.

More pics tonight and questions.


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Re: Same hydro different strains...so different..why?

Yeah that's starting to flower. :thumb:

I have been so busy that rolled around fast. :laugh2:

So to recap.
Had some bad heat issues at the start I had 3 AMS and 1 White widow, but lost 2 AMS due to heat.

Swapped my brand new with digital ballast 600w for a old 400w with a cooler hood and 4 soil grown at 3 weeks old.

Ordered some more powerful fans.

Joined 420 for advise as I thought the WW auto was in its death throws but obviously (and I see how it happened) with the messing about to get my temp right and moving the grow space around so much I knocked the sticker off the pot and stuck it to the wrong pot, when I seen one pot had 2 stickers I must have pulled the wrong one off mixing my plants.

The WW is now flowering so its time to change feeding, I can imagine my AMS will find this the last straw and die so I'm left with 3 options

#1 Cut my loses and pull the AMS

#2 Leave the AMS in and see what the nutes do to it

#3 Transplant AMS to soil.

I'm leaning towards Cutting my losses but just to see number two might be fun.
If a transplant will work I might depending on ease but is it worth it the AMS seeds are cheap so no real harm.


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I'm not a hydro guy so I'd be tempted to do option #2 and see what happens but my concern would be introducing disease into the system and impacting the other - guess it depends on how willing you are to experiment and risk it :peace:


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I'm not a hydro guy so I'd be tempted to do option #2 and see what happens but my concern would be introducing disease into the system and impacting the other - guess it depends on how willing you are to experiment and risk it :peace:

Well number two is the route I am taking, I am minimizing the risk by changing the hydro water twice weekly (after losing 2 AMS I have enough nutes to do this without really worrying)

The roots are coming out the bottom of the runt of an AMS from what I see the roots are healthy ( if the roots start dying and the AMS shows any sign of sickness it will be pulled faster than a hooker on half price night.

My new worry is space, a re-plan of my grow space is needed, I have made so many mistakes and tried keeping costs down at the start I can only call this a practice run.


Underestimating the heat and airflow needed.

Following the PPM chart of a bluelab truncheon when I don't have a bluelab truncheon (a mates table)

Im using Jungle Juice and I was mixing nutes before adding them (very very bad)

Not checking my PH as my mate only lives 200 meters away (as the crow flies) and his tap water is on the money PH wise)

Not letting the tap water sit to get rid of chlorine

Doing different strains in the same hydro (a massive mistake)

Not thinking out my grow space, heat, space, sound proofing. I find myself redoing things all the time.


Read this forum, I would have all dead plants if I had listened to my mate and not looked for other options, what works for one person might not work for another.

Enjoyed the ride, learning to start with seems hard but a little reading and a proactive attitude puts you in the know quickly, I have always known this but as time goes by its easy to become complacent.

EDIT: more pics to come, ladies looking really nice (soil is very good for those wondering plants are really vibrant and healthy).

The WW auto flower is looking and smelling like heaven but more on that in my pic post.


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Subscribed. Glad you figured out how to make a journal


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This was not meant to be a journal but with the reading I have done and the help already on this forum, I feel confidant I could make this a journal.

I have a few questions left regarding soil vs hydro but if admin could place this in the journal area I would be more than happy to complete.

If it is moved I will do a detailed write up of all steps, failings and fortunes.


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Why do you feel that doing different strains in the same hydro is bad?


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2 similar strains at same age probably not an issue, but 2 completely different strains or age differences could lead to problems due to different flowering times and nute requirements with a shared res.


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Apart from the obvious, grow rate, height and feed preferences. I have auto in with light dependents, the auto in there makes me stay on a 18/6 and my light dependents are getting to over 2 feet, I feel I must keep in veg until the auto is finished as from what I read autos dont do well on 12/12...I am going to wait for the auto to finish before I turn to 12/12 for the rest, my plants are going to be huge, I have a great height in my space but I would have preferred something more uniform.

This is kinda counting my soil as well but had the AMS came up like the soil I would have been in real trouble with my hydro and most likely lost the auto


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Thanks for the explanation, I just started my grow and and doing two different strains but they are both starting at the same time and have around the same growing times.


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Another small update:

I thought I ordered a inline that does 700m3/h@41dB but sadly no...my cooler hood is a 5 inch so I must have ordered the 5 inch fan its 430m3/h@38dB.

I jury rigged it right away a few days ago and got temps I could live with but today I pulled the full grow area apart and fitted everything right.

My temps are 25c and not exceeding 29c (very warm day today).

I said in earlier posts about moving to a blooming feed for the auto even if the AMS suffers and I have done that, fingers crossed but I only see the auto WW making it, the AMS has to suffer again.

I am keeping a very close eye on the PPM and PH and checking the roots of the AMS for rot or damage on an almost hourly schedule.

The soil ( in the same room) are doing really well I am using ionic soil grow/bloom with blackjak 2 out of 3 feeds, the soil is a homebrew from a large garden center chain (got it free).

Soil wise I have 1 cali orange bud, 2 candy kush and a amnesia haze, thwe cali orange is easy 2 feet tall but the candy kush is very close height wise.

The soil I am not sweating as insofar its been nice and easy but my hydro has been a pest.....I would recommend new growers start in soil (the smell is stronger but the grow is less complicated).

With my hydro being in the same room as everything else I want to wait till the WW auto is done before I change light timings, with the height of the soil grow I am looking at very big plants keeping them in veg so long but I have the height grow room wise so not overly worried.

As said will get pics up real soon.
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