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Same seeds different looking plants


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Hi there, I planted two purple amnesia auto flowers 7 was ago now and the more they grow the more different they look. The one with skinny leaves is buding nice yet the one with big fan leaves is out growing the other one but has far less bud..
Is the one with big leaves showing more sativa than the other and why less bud.... any thoughts on this..☺


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Re: Same seeds different looking plants.

I think they are going to take a lot longer than the 9-10 wks it said. The indica one is buding so much faster.
Also they are growing outdoors in the great northern iron sun shine they are probably going to have to be left till end of august.☺


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Saw this post come through the twitter feed.

When you start seed that are an F1 cross (parents from two different strains) you will never find 2 plants the same. There are thousands of possible gene combinations, not too mention the differences between male and female plants.

A little reading about generational designations and what they mean will help you make better choices when it comes to starting/running seeds. It will also help you make informed choices if you're someone who purchases seed.

Generation Designations: What Do They All Mean? ? ? Green ?Thumb ? Girls ?

Good luck with your grow, plants look healthy, could maybe use just a touch of N.
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