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San Francisco Medical Marijuana Doctor Describes Methods of Medicinal Cannabis Use

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San Francisco, CA--Dr. Arif Khan, director of Greenway Medical Marijuana Physicians Evaluations, says that in addition to understanding the difference in the any different marijuana strains available, patients should be made aware of the many different ways to use medical marijuana. Patents should also be aware of the time it takes to feel the full effect, which varies with the delivery method.

"Cannabis is a complex medication with a spectrum of benefits, and safe therapeutic use requires selecting strains, Indica v. Sativa, and moderating dosage, depending on each patient's medical condition," said Dr. Arif Khan.

Although smoking provides immediate relief, Dr. Khan says patients might consider taking their medication using non-smoking alternatives, such as through vaporizers (which also provide immediate relief), tinctures, balms, lotions and edibles.

When cannabis is burned and smoked, 30% is burned right away and another 15% is lost in side stream smoke. The patient absorbs only about 15 to 20%. Vaporization, on the other hand, increases cannabis absorption to 40 to 60%. Because of this, vaporizing stretches the patient's cannabis dollar.

To avoid inhalation, tinctures may be a good choice for medical cannabis patients. Drops of medicinal cannabis tinctures placed under the tongue go directly into the bloodstream, with no smell or the inconvenience or stigma of smoking. Tinctures will take ten to fifteen minutes to take effect.

Balms and Lotions
An increasing number of patients with arthritis, inflamed joints or sore muscles are using cannabis salves, balms and lotions. Many patients prefer this method because medicinal cannabis topical products do not generally cause mind altering sensations. The cannabis goes directly into the skin and muscle in about fifteen to twenty minutes.

Edibles are very appealing to medicinal cannabis patients, but the effects can be unpredictable, long lasting and overly intense. Greenway advises patients to always eat or drink far less than the recommended dose of cannabis edibles and wait for at least one hour before consuming more. If the patient consumes the edible medication on an empty stomach, the response time will be shorter and stronger.

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