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Sandals - AKA Baby Sky

Robert Celt

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This journal is about a clone of Skywalker OG I received recently.

Some of you may have heard the name before, but this journal is about the Sativa dominate Skywalker OG that is only available as a clone, not the Indica dominate strain that you can get seeds for.

Sandals, AKA Baby Sky started her journey by being placed in a capsule, to be flown to my residence.

The journey was intended to be a two day trip for which this capsule was designed. Due to unforeseen circumstances, she only flew part way, after which she spent 3 days in a cold Canadian warehouse before being loaded aboard a truck to continue her trip to the East coast.

The Canadian cold and her extended travel time stressed her badly. As you can see in this next image, she was quite stressed and droopy.

Put into seedling soil and a dome to keep humidity up, hope was she would recover, but she became increasingly more sickly looking. Even having removed larger fan leaves and treatment with kelp based foliar spray she wasn't responding.

After having spoke to an expert grower of this strain, it was decided to take her out of soil, separate the rockwool cube she had rooted in, and put her in my fogger cloner with a dome over her to maximize the humidity and see it she responded.

After two days of this, she is back in seedling soil and in a dome at 80% humitity and 75[SUP]o[/SUP]F temperatures. Although her top is sickly looking, her roots were healthy looking. There is no change yet for better or for worse, she is basically in ICU in hopes she will recover.

There are no pictures of her at this point as I do not want to lift the dome until I see some positive progress in her health.

If any of the members here have any input as to how we may be able to help her, I would greatly appreciate it :)


Robert Celt

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Good morning mate :)

The decision to put her in the dome was re-implemented after speaking to a long time grower of this strain, to paraphrase his suggestion:

Think Florida humidity
After describing the process I had gone through trying to help her recover, which was inline with what he would have done, he suggested this route to see if she would rebound. Its basically a waiting game now.

If there is no change after a few more days, there is another method of cloning I can try. It is a laboratory method employed by many large nurseries for plant propagation. As I have never tried it before, I won't attempt it unless I see no other option to save her.

Stinky Snid

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I'm sure she's in the best of hands to get her back to growing as a padawan Jedi. I'll wish you luck anyways, thanks for sharing and I hope she rebounds.. So that we can all enjoy another top notch journal. :ciao:

KiG Mr. Moderator :green_heart:Cheers

Robert Celt

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Good morning my friends :)

There is not a lot of change with Sandals, she still looks much the same above ground but she is showing some positive signs :)
I have her in a small coco coir pot, same pots I use for all my seedlings and clones, and I am seeing signs of root tips starting out though the pot. This leads me to believe that if she is growing her roots, she should recover :)

Fingers crossed she continues to grow her roots and will soon develop some new growth above the soil :)


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I'm in for this grow, looks promising.


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Robert Celt

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Sad news my friends,

For all my efforts at trying to save Sandals, the stress of being stuck in a cold Canadian warehouse for 3 days was more then she could recover from.

As much as she tried, showing root growth, her top continued to wither and no new shoots formed as I was hoping.

I had ordered some things to make micropropagation media in hopes that she would continue root growth long enough for me to attempt the procedure to save her, even knowing roots are the hardest to clone from. Last week I built a clean box to use in the procedure as this form of cloning requires extreme cleanliness as any mold spores or bacteria that makes it onto the medium will grow faster than the clone and choke it out.

My order arrived Wednesday, so Thursday while the house was empty except for me, I prepared the media which takes about an hour to make and set.

After sterilizing the clean box and all the required tools, I brought Sandals out of the ICU, with fingers crossed that she would have some viable roots to use. As I carefully broke apart the soil, I was saddened to find that the root growth I had seen just a week earlier had withered back like her top and I could find no viable roots to attempt the procedure with.

In regards to the Clone Shipper she traveled in, I will say I believe (under normal circumstances) it was a well designed product that will do as it was intended. It just wasn't designed for extended travel time in our cold Canadian climate. I have no doubt that had she arrived in the 24 hours that the shipper is designed for, she would be with us still and thriving.

:rip: Sandals

As a closing note:

Having ordered and prepared the plant tissue culture media (micropropagation) I decided to take a small bud, that was still alive, from a plant I had harvested a week earlier and see if it will multiply as it is supposed to in this form of cloning.

It takes weeks for noticable growth to occur as it is a slow process but allows you to make multiple clones from a small peice of plant material. There are no pictures at present as I do not want to contaminate the media.

In a few weeks, if I am successful, I will document the process in a journal devoted to microproagation.

Robert Celt

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Afternoon Kriaze,

It is my understanding that it is a slow process and takes weeks, but if I see any sign it is working, I will definitely start a thread to document it :thumb:
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