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Sanofi-Aventis' Acomplia® Tipped To Be First Cannabinoid Blockbuster

Jim Finnel

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Piribo, the online destination for business intelligence for the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, has now added a new report on the latest developments in the commercially marketed cannabinoids, in particular, Acomplia® (Rimonabant).

"Rimonabant: The first of the Cannabinoid blockbusters" forecasts that in 2007, the cannabinoid market will generate $709 million revenue in sales. This represents a 45% growth from 2006, when this class of drugs brought in $386 million.

Authors of the report say that cannabinoids like Acomplia®, Marinol®, Cesamet®, and Sativex® treat a variety of medical conditions ranging from weight-loss to pain relief. They note that there is a significant change in the attitude towards these drugs, and this increased acceptance will help achieve greater market penetration. The study predicts that increased usage will see Rimonabant, achieve blockbuster drug status before the end of the decade, making it the first cannabinoid to do so.

Analysts say Sanofi-Aventis' Acomplia(R), which is used to treat obesity, is set to raise the profile of the market with impressive sales. Branded Zimulti in the U.S, Rimonabant has now been approved for sale in all 25 countries of the European Union by the European Commission.

The report states that the growth this class of products has not yet achieved its full potential, and highlights the treatment areas that are likely to benefit from R&D efforts around the medicinal cannabinoids. It also documents products currently coming through the pipeline with predictions of their market potential.

The study features an in-depth review of the cannabinoids market touching on the market potential for this class of drugs to treat various diseases. It brings to light the results of the latest clinical trials and experimental research surrounding these drugs and estimates the future worth of the global cannabinoid market with revenue forecasts to 2012. The regulatory issues governing the use of medicinal cannabis in eight major markets are also covered by this report.

"Rimonabant: The first of the Cannabinoid blockbusters" is available in pdf format from Piribo. For more information, go to:
Rimonabant: The first of the Cannabinoid blockbusters

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