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Santa Chronic's Greenhouse Power Kush Grow Journal 2011

Santa Chronic

New Member
This journal is mainly to document my new strain Power Kush from Dinafem I will likely be adding pics here and there of a few other things as well, I hope you enjoy :welcome:

A little about the strain
Characteristics of Power Kush are rapid growth and fast flowering coupled with and abundance of orange pistils and THC bearing resin. Nice big, wide and long leaves develop into ultra-efficient light energy converters and the finished buds have an aroma which is reminiscent of orange and strawberry. A powerful effect results which is both physical and mental in nature. Power Kush grows well in all environments.

Cannabis genetics: (Afghani x Skunk Number 1 S1) x (Afghani x Skunk Number 1 S1)
Type: Indica / Sativa cross
Flowering: 6 - 8 weeks
Harvest: October outdoors northern hemisphere
Environment: Indoors, outdoors, greenhouse
THC: 12 - 16%

Container: 10 gallon
Medium: I started with 2 parts FFOF to 1 part sphagnum peat moss then added in 6 cups of worm castings and 3 tablespoons happy frog all purpose 5-5-5, this filled my ten gallon about 3/4 of the way full then i topped it off to the rim with horticulture grade pearlite and mixed thoroughly
Grow Space: 10x6x7 greenhouse (Only about a third for my medicine the rest is vegetables, herbs, and catnip)
I just transplanted this girl from a plastic cup a few hours ago spent about 10 days under my 400w MH after i got it popped and above ground had nice long roots up the sides all around, i am hopefull she will take off quickly :tokin:



Started Drooping a little after i transplanted but perked right up once i got her in the greenhouse its still a bit chilly here at night since i am at a higher altitude so ill bring this girl in for the next few weeks after the sun goes down. Wish me luck i hope this girl turns out as good as she sounds :ganjamon:

Heres a couple pics of my Sage N Sour that i just started flowering last week



Shes about waist high with her pot and i am just over 6ft tall if you look close you can see buds beginning to form at the crowns of the upper laterals

This is a pic of a strain i am thinking to try flowering in a few weeks but i dont know if ill have the skill to finish her i have one of these girls as a friend of mind was fortunate enough to come across a few seeds of these and gave me one, i sexed her out and what do you know i got lucky with a female, the problem is she is a 16 week flowering sativa that is very close to a landrace southeast asian in its growing requirements. She may be a little out of my skill level with only a few seasons under my belt but I am thinking to aquire a larger pot for her and give it a shot, top shelf organic sativa smoke is second to none when it comes to my personal preference for toking and this particular cross of Vietnam Black x Hawaiian Cherry bomb sounds to be exactly what i am looking for, if you are curious about this strain or if you love sativas like i do check volume 4 issue 7 of skunk magazine for a great description and some late flowering and finished bud pics (Or if you cant find it respond and i can go further into detail about the buzz and actual smoke)


Shes about 30 inches tall hard to get a good pic of the whole plant with the way she grows and keep good detail so this is just about the top half of her, shes got 9 fingers so far on her leaves :)

Thats all for now more to follow :peace:


Nug of the Month: Apr & June 2011 - Plant of the Month: July 2011
Sage n sour looks really good man, doesn't seem to be bothered by the cold at all, and holy crap that Blackforest looks awesome, i love the slender leaves i will need some of thoes beans soon.

Good to see you made it Keep it Green :peace2:

Santa Chronic

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Today I am posting pics of some of my first indoor that i have done, spent my first couple of seasons outdoors and just recently moved inside a few months ago Hope you enjoy

The first couple are from about 10 days before harvest
Top of the plant:

Up Close:

The next handful are from directly after she was cut down and manicured

Some Crown shots:


Above the canopy:


Close up of the main crown:

Here is a close up of some cotton candy i pulled down about a week ago:

Some Blackberry that came down around the time the cotton candy did:


Hope you Enjoyed. Please feel free to tell me what you think :peace:

Santa Chronic

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Here is a couple photos of the last querkle i am doing, got her in clone about a year ago she does all right indoors and out in terms of potency put she grows very bush like, lots of laterals all over the place, perfect for a SCROG i think but not what im looking for right now. Even though she is a nice girl i wont be seeing her again for awhile

The first two are about 10 days before harvest:



And here is just after she came down:




A few lower nugs


Hope you enjoyed :439:

Santa Chronic

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This is my first weekly update on my Power Kush since i transplanted it and put it outside in my greenhouse to veg for the last 7 days, here is how she looks





This pic shows how much she grew in the last week, just above the node my finger is pointing at is where the top leaf pair was in the last pics, this girl has more then doubled in height since i started her outside :MoreNutes:


Hope she keeps this up wish me :goodluck:

Here is an update on my Sage N Sour that is now 15 days into flowering




And a quick look at whats going on around the garden

Some beautiful purple buds beginning to form:



Headband showing some pink pistols
Up close:


The Whole Thing:


I seem to have a bit of trouble getting good scale pics of my smaller plants if anyone has a suggestion for this it would be most welcome, thanks for stopping by I welcome any feedback if you see anything or just want to chat, that all for now keep it green :rasta:


Nug of the Month: Apr & June 2011 - Plant of the Month: July 2011
I wanna smoke the sage n sour alreaddy it looks so happy, whats the yeild on it, ive been thinking of investing in a new strain?

Santa Chronic

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Supposed to be heavy this will be the first outdoor ive run through to completion but i read from two seperate sources that you should hit the Sage N Sour with heavy nitrogen in veg and it will take off like crazy and produce very well indoors and out, ive got a little one inside that is about a week away so ill know soon how she smokes, she smells like sour burnt rubber in the most delightful way

Santa Chronic

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Missed my weekly update a few times, did a little traveling then had a lot of work when i got home, this is whats happening since i have been on:

Power Kush been vegging outside for awhile, ill start forcing in a week or two




Sage N Sour
This girl is just starting to get sticky the small one i pulled inside a few weeks ago has me drooling over this baby since i tried it :tokin:




This strain happened to win Nug of the Month this past month heres a look at a couple crowns about a week from being done i did last year outdoors




Here is a few more shots from last summer

Querkle* (I have a better pic of this girl somewhere)




Blue Rhino 1947*


*The blue lighter used for scale is a mini bic*

Thanks for stopping in :peace2:


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Everything is looking so good. I cant wait to grow outdoors. There really is nothing better than the sun. Beautiful Buds! When are they going to be cured and ready to smoke?:smokin2:

Santa Chronic

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Heres a few pics of the Sage N Sour right before during and after she was comin down havent been on in a bit lol kinda slackin


Had a few cold nights right before she came down, this color had the biggest smile on my face and i couldnt help but snap a bunch of pics check my gallery for more


Here is a nice scale pic of one of her crowns


Here she is naked!


Here is a few crowns of indoor Sage N Sour that i did this past winter inside she smells and tastes of sour burnt rubber candy

So in total i got just over 5oz out of this girl :thumb: I would recommend her to anyone that wants a nice outdoor harvest of sativa dominate topshelf, my favorite smoke i have had in quite some time
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