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Santa Cruz Measure K

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Dear Friend,

I am writing this letter to urge you to vote Yes on Measure K, Santa
Cruz's alternative to the Drug War. As you know, our federal
government's war on drugs has cost billions of dollars, increased
violence in our neighborhoods, and imprisoned tens of thousands of
non-violent marijuana users. Measure K would begin to change all that
starting here in Santa Cruz.

Specifically, Measure K directs the Santa Cruz Police Department to
treat adult marijuana offenses as their lowest law enforcement
priority, freeing up valuable police resources to focus on serious
and violent crime. Measure K will also establish a voluntary
oversight committee to monitor all marijuana offenses reported by the
Santa Cruz Police to ensure proper implementation of the initiative.
It will also put Santa Cruz on record as supporting state and federal
reform of draconian marijuana laws that lead to the arrest of nearly
700,000 people a year.

In the city of Santa Cruz, over 200 people a year are arrested for
non-violent marijuana offenses, costing the city hundreds of
thousands of taxpayer dollars. Measure K is about setting priorities
that make sense. Last year more than three quarters of all rape
incidents and over half of all assault cases in Santa Cruz went
unsolved. At the same time, gang violence is on the rise. Shouldn't
our police resources be focused on preventing and solving violent
crimes like these?

Nationally, the Bush administration has made marijuana–medical or
otherwise–its number-one priority in the failed War on Drugs. In
California, our overcrowded prisons are at nearly twice capacity and
taxpayers are now being asked for billions more to build new ones. We
currently house 1400 "pot prisoners, "14 times as many as in 1980.
Measure K is a common-sense, local alternative to the federal
government's ruinous and wasteful war on drugs that will save our
taxpayer dollars.

Similar initiatives have been successfully implemented in other
cities, including Seattle, Oakland, and West Hollywood. Former
Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper says the policy has "made a huge
difference, freeing up the police to concentrate on real crimes."

We deserve policies here in Santa Cruz that reflect the values and
priorities of our residents. Santa Cruz has a proven track record of
supporting sensible and humane reform efforts, — let's continue our
tradition of progressive leadership. Measure K is a sensible step
toward reforming failed marijuana policies.

It's time for a new approach. Please join the California Nurses
Association, the Democratic Party of Santa Cruz County, the Green
Party of Santa Cruz County, Santa Cruz Action Network, 3rd District
Supervisor Mardi Wormhoudt, Vice-Mayor Emily Reilly and many others
in voting Yes on Measure K this November 7th.

By the way, I have visited the Yes on K campaign website,
www.sensiblesantacruz.org and found it very informative, you should
check it out!

Campaign Coordinator
Yes on K-Campaign for a Sensible Santa Cruz
Phone: 831 457 2358
Cell: 360 319 9444

P.S.: If you are available to help with phone banking for this
effort, please give the campaign a call. Thanks again.

Happy Kitty

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I hope everyone who lives in Santa Cruz will get out and vote for this.

I did not realize that MJ is the first priority in Bush's War on Drugs. I could say more, but I will just say this...Absolutelyfreakinridiculous
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