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Santa Rosa police refuse to release medical marijuana

Jim Finnel

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SANTA ROSA, Calif. - Police officers who refused to return 18 pounds of marijuana to a man who used it as medicine could be held in contempt of court for disobeying a Sonoma County judge.

Superior Court Judge Lawrence Antolini ordered police to appear in court March 6 to explain why they shouldn't be held in contempt of court for refusing to follow his order.

Officers seized the marijuana from Shashon Jenkins, 26, after his arrest in October, but a prosecutor dropped the case after a defense lawyer produced evidence in court that he's a medical marijuana user and caregiver. The order from the judge followed.

But officers have refused because they said federal law, which doesn't recognize medical marijuana use, prohibits them from returning Jenkins' cannabis.

"We're not a dispensary, we're not going to give out marijuana," said Sgt. Eric Litchfield, who supervises the detectives who arrested Jenkins. "It's illegal."

Such showdowns have become familiar since California voters in 1996 passed Proposition 215, which authorized medical use of marijuana.

"The issue really is the conflict between federal law and our state and local laws," said Amy Chapman, Jenkins' public defender.



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awwwww man, hometown piggies embarrassing me


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well if they do not want to give it back they should pay for the stuff. they say they do not dispence, I would call it theft. personal property is personal. it is not their right to keep it. they should not have took the stuff in the first place.

maybe they pintched his stash. I would make sure it is all there. can not trust those people.


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"But officers have refused because they said federal law, which doesn't recognize medical marijuana use, prohibits them from returning Jenkins' cannabis."

1. they are local cops who are under local/state rules and regulations, federal law does not fall under their jurisdiction, the supreme court verdic DOES NOT PROHIBIT them to return the cannabis back.
2. they probably "pinched" his stash, maybe thats why they are stalling to give it back.
3. the judge ruled in favor of the med patient, that means GIVE IT BACK!



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It`s a sad day when I hear that same old argument used by local police officers to obstruct the property rights of legal medical Hemp users. They will have to give back the Hemp or show that it was `lost or destroyed` and pay for it,unless they wish to go to jail and lose there jobs. Lucky for us most local officers are at lest trying to comply with 420 and 215.Even if they may not agree with the laws.

In this area local police have investigated the robbery of medical growers,caught the bad guys, and returned the Hemp to the medical growers.Not all police are like the ones in this artical.Some care,some are sceptical,and a few are senical! Like the general public, we still need to win many of them over to a more compationate way of thinking.

Mindy Summer

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Don't these cops have anything better to do than STEAL from people? What do our State laws mean if the cops won't follow them. They are State law enforcement and they are breaking STATE LAW... what the fuck?!?!?
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