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Sarting a new journal soon but cant decide on strain for SCROG


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Hi everyone.
Iv not had a grow for a year and ust be 18 months since a grow iv posted on hear
I usualy use HPS 600-1000watts for 5-15 plants.... but now I feel like a challange :)

This grow I'm back to my 5ft x 2ft grow cupboard
Growing using CFL lighting this time. Never used these before
Iv got 2 x 125watt red spec bulbs and 2 x 125watt blue
For vegging I'll be using the 2 blue and one red...... 375 watt
For flower I'll probably use all 4........ 500 watt
Also got half a dozen 16 watt unknown spectrum bulbs
My reflector is 4ft with with holders for all 4 125 cfls

Planning on a 2 plant SCROG
wanting ideas and opinions of what strains would be best suited to my set up???
A friend put this idea into my head suggesting with the kit id struggle to pull 2oz
I said 3oz easy so that's my goal


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I'd go for a sativa dominant strain and use a 50 ltr+ tub per plant for good root growth imo! I can't say anything about your yeild as i only know what a 600w hps will do in this size environment! all i know is that ppl are getting seriousley big yeilds from 65ltr pots using barneys blue cheese and a 6-8 wk veg from clone! setting the netting low down to the pot approx 6-8 inches and bending clone 90 degrees week after transplant! the bottom branches of your plants will soon grow as thick and as vigerous as your main stem as long as you keep evrything above the net at the same level and remove everything from under the net and top regular you should be o.k. BIG POTS, LONG VEG, PROPER TRAINING,TOPPING AND PRUNING OF LEECHERS AND OPTIMISING YOU'RE LIGHT IS KEY TO GAINING GOOD YEILD FROM THE SCROG SET UP! WORK HARD AND BE PATIENT AND YOU WILL BE REWARDED HANDSOMLEY.


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Thanks for the replys guyz. Iv grown barneys farm blue cheese before ''spence'' good strain

But this time iv decided on

Greenhouse seeds super lemon haze feminized of course

Seeds ordered should arrive in 2 days

Going to sort the grow cupboard out tomorow

The strain for those interested is maiinly sative with averave flower time of 10 weeks

so now I'm thinking 1 plant or 2.... not bothered about veg time I'm in no rush this is purely a grow to see how well I can do
In these circumstances.

Been looking into a few scrogs and iv found one with potential for me. Instead of the screen being flat on one level the screen is 'U' shaped
With lights in the middle so the scrog area would be maximised for my narrow cupboard. To describe it better is to say the screen would be
Like a half pipe. 2 plants starting in the middle one trained left and one trained right I'm thinking would probably be the best bet

What do you guys think?


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Well grow rooms ready now
Got rid of my unknown cfls I was going to add in flower stage
Seeds should arrive tomorrow then it will be all sytems go

Decided to run all 4 of my 125 watt cfls during veg that should be plenty 500watts
All above one plant that I'm just going to regular scrog. Not vertical scrog as id touched on

When I threw the unknown cfls out I purchased 6x 22watt 2700k cfls to add when I flower
So come flowering I'll be running 632watts

The grow should start tommorow but I'm thinking maybe I'll not start the journal untill I'm a few weeks
Into vegging so there will be something to look at
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