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Sativa Mix 600w Indoor UK


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Hello Buddies!

Ive started my new grow session and Im going with the Greenhouse Seed Co Sativa Mix......Super Silver Haze, Strawberry Haze, Arjuns Haze #1, Hawaiian Snow, Nevilles Haze - Plus ive chucked in a Super Lemon Haze and a couple Himalayan Gold that I had left over!

I didnt really want 7 plants but hey, they all germed so im going with it!

Canna Terra Pro Soil
Canna Terra Nutes
Canna Rhizotonic
Canna PK13/14 and Canna Boost (for late flowering)
Canna Organic Citric Acid
Hannah Ph/EC tester
Heated outdoor grow "shed" 4m x 3m (Ceiling Height 2.7m!)

Here's the beginning......

I germed by soaking the beans in Evian and Rhizotonic for 24hrs then transferring into wet kitchen paper. All 7 germed within 72 hrs so it worked for me (this time!).

As soon as I got a tap-root I transferred into 4 inch seed pots with the soil soaked in a Rhizotonic solution (Evian water again).

So far the Himalayan Gold (HG), Strawberry, and Nevilles Haze have come up in the propogator under a twin 55w cool white lamp. The tall one is the Nevilles Haze (what a surprise - I was warned!).

Until next time friends.....



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Hi spectacular i had this same GHS Mix will be good to watch how yours come out :cheer:

My favourites were the super silver haze and Hawaiian Snow make sure they get the best spot you wont regret it!

Good luck mate ill be watching!


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That sounds like it should turn out to be a good crop. All feminized I hope. I started a grow myself on the 13th Oct. and started out by vegging around 16 Tahoe OG Kush plants and a few feminized Lemon Diesel plants as well in 2 4x4 plastic flood trays. After about 2 weeks the sex starting showing on the unfeminized OG plants I had. (Only 6 of the 16 were feminized) So I had the the joy of ripping out 10 healthy OG Kush plants. The lesson I learned was to buy feminized at all costs. Growing from seed is more expensive but you should see the plants I grew and vegged from seed in 3 and 5 gallon "Smart Pots" The clones looks so weak and crap compared to plants grown from seed. Word to the wise.


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All is not lost though. I have "8" healthy OG Kush plants. Just a thought as far as your grow is going. I have learned this over many many crops. I have been growing 3 or 4 crops a year for going on 5 years now and I will say this...IT IS BETTER TO GROW ALL 1 STRAIN RATHER THAN MULTIPLE STRAINS. If you have 1 strain that is super tall and a few others which are short it can make placing the light a bitch. That's why, for simplicity I grow 1 or 2 strains of about equal height and always always use a SCRoG to increase yield.


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There all fairly similar in height the tallest for me was strawberry haze had to tie that bitch down! Arjans haze stretches big time so beware!


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Fumarola, God, 247.....welcome.

Thanks for the thoughts and tips. My theory is that I go with all sativa to negate the stretch issues, and I will top and LST during the veg until I am happy with the group before I switch to 12/12. I have read that its the Nevilles Haze that is the "stretchyest" but in reality I cant wait for these babies to do their thing!

The 2 Hima Gold are going to be on the sidelines but I hope for some early cropping from these indicas - and the last couple I grew produced some really nice bud in only 8 weeks flowering.

I will keep you posted....


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Hello! Its over a week on so time for an update.....

All doing well except for the SLH that didnt sprout!

The Srawbeery haze is starting to look like a runt....

The slug pellets are a precaution as when i dug out the SLH that didnt sprout I found the seed had been eaten by these tiny maggot looking critters that I reckon on being baby slugs. My own fault cos I used some leftover Canna Pro soil that had been lying around open all summer......cleary got contaminated! Didnt want any to crawl out and chew down any of the others. Put in a couple more SLH to soak to replace the fallen in the meantime.

More soon



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Realised its exactly 2 weeks since germ so here are some more updated shots....

Super Silver, Nevilles and Arjuns Haze are all well on their way (as well as the Himalayan Gold - back right)....

Strawberry is still looking runty (back left).

The 2 new Super Lemons are out of the traps too.....

Im spraying them with a Rhizotonic solution 3 times daily and plan to transplant into 15l pots as soon as I see roots creeping out the bottom of the pots - then they get the full 600W MH treatment.

Back in a few days!



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Hello !

Well, its been a week already and the project is now 3 weeks old. I decided to pot up today as the seedling were looking a bit sad, probably due to the confined space. Ive put them into nice 15 litre pots where they will spend he rest of their days......

Soil is the same Canna Terra Pro and I pre-wet with pH adjusted water with Rhizotonic. Ive also switched to the 600W MH to get things moving!

Super Lemon Haze....

Super Silver Haze.....

Nevilles Haze....

I expect them to really kick on now so hopefully there will be more of a show in a week!



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looking good so far bro they will do well in them pots they will be monsters soon!



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Hi everyone, did some shopping today and a little DIY so thought it was a good time to update.........

Bought a new 600W Mantis reflector with ballast etc to add to the existing 600W setup. Also installed some steel "slider" poles and cleared out the room to make the most of my space, plus I got some yoyos for the new reflector......

Ive just ordered some Barneys Vanilla Kush and Greenhouse Great White Shark that I want to get in there to flower along with the current crop of Sativas.

Talking of Sativas, heres some healthy looking Super Lemon Haze...

Hawaiin Snow....

Himalaya Gold.....

The Super Silver Haze is still looking a bit ill but coming on OKish....

Group Shot....

More soon, take it easy!



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Well, the Vanilla Kush and White Shark have germed and are under the 600w MH to veg as fast as possible to catch up with the sativas......

May be pushing my luck deciding to start an extra batch so late but ive got the room set up as a dual operation while i try to veg the indicas asap....

Sativas are under only twin 55w flouros to keep em on tick-over but have taken to the bigger pots really well....

Runty SSH is looking good!

Already topped the Hawaaiin snow, Arjuns Haze and Nevilles Haze....

Cloning the top off the Hawaaiin Snow just for fun...

Nice thick stems already, should be able to suck up loads of nutes come flowering...

Also, other news is I got a Rhino carbon filter for the extract fan cos theres a bit of activity going on out back with a private gas main going in....dont need any nosey contractors getting a sniff of something good!

Thats it for now....back soon!

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