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Sativa mood elevator and anti anxiety strains


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for all you cannabis gurus out there in stonerland, what sativa strains would some of you recommend for depression and anxiety and attention deficit disorder? i've been experimenting with different sativas, just thought it would be cool to hear other people's experiences with these conditions.

hollywood is kinda far and the staff at my local dispensary isn't very helpful. thanksssssssss! smoke on!:bong:


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well I'm the same boat as you, and to be honest, I really dont think the different strands effect me as much as how I make my mind set. If you wanna chill and focus, you gotta make yourself do that shit, if you wanna not be depressed you have to figure out what you can do inside your head to cheer you up. It's harder to explain this without getting into detail but if I could do it, damn anyone could. If your all anxious you gotta figure out how to not give a fuck about whatever your worried about. When I get all anxious about something I say, you know what fuck it, all these people I Wont know in 5 years, and everyone I know in this lifetime I wont know in 80 years after I pass so it's all good ya know? lol Whatever it takes.. I mean that shits reality, worrying about little things is just such a waste, its wrong.

good luck finding your strain


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I've become very sensitive to different strains and can tell very subtle differences. A few of the better strains I've sampled for mood elevation/anti-anxiety are Haze and any of the Haze strains, Durban Poison and the hybrids, Trainwreck, Flo, Jack Herer. And some wonderful sativa grown in Hawaii. :51:Can't think of any more right now. I have a list of different sativa strains I'm going to grow in the future.
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