Sativa OG Kush aka Skywalker OG: Legal Medical Marijuana Grow

Could I please ask a questiin as to what those plants are growing in? I have never seen those kind of grow containers. Mahalo for your response if I get one. Those plants are awesome. You were kucky to have a looky see of them. Absolutly beautiful. " KEEP IT GREEN"
OH my God I will be doing this in 55days--This is my first grow I have 2 NY Dezill what ever 1 big bud 3 dwarf auto flower they are doing great this is going to be a success Ill show you guys whats up in 2 weeks then ill show
OMG!! treasure:yummy::yummy::yummy:

looks like a skywalker , i got sw growing in 5 dif locations. we just unable to supply the big demand for it. dont cut leaf off next time. your buds are small compaired to our grows. we yeild 5.75 lbs per 4 light setup. sw not the biggest producer but definitely on the top 10 strains of all time. we max out thc at 29.87% with a .8% cbd and 6.75 cbn ,so this strain has the genes to get above 30%. not the best producer outdoors inless trellused right and seems to love greenhouse better then direct sunlight.
i am including a pic of the white gold and the skywalker you can see what a 3x3 and 3x6 tray can do and these girls only into flower 25days[white gold]. and i dont cut leaf.
topping is all bullshit dont listen to a mf that tells ya it increases yield. training them is the key. pinching and tipping them and leaving the big leaf on will give way better yeilds. also dont pre trim ever, before or after harvest. your killing the long duration and the killer sweetness.the turpines kick up when done right. if you want 1 hit and quit 5hr or longer stuff then pay attention.
white gold 25 days into flower 3x3 tray gh flora nova nutes no bud enhancements yeilds are 1.75 per 1000w 9 days from the mother 12day veg of clones 8 week strain 56 day flowering indica
sky walker og 3 weeks from harvest 3x6 trays, heavy 16 full lineup.14 trays total. yeilds are 1.5 to 1.75 per 1000w. 3 days from the mother 3 week veg of clones 9 week sw og 63 day flower period.
"we max out thc at 29.87% with a .8% cbd and 6.75 cbn ,so this strain has the genes to get above 30%."

...What, what? 37.5% canna resins? hmm...
Beautiful show, thanks for sharing! I have some Karma Bitch(skywalker og x nevils wreck) that just started to the looks of these I hope mine favor the skywalker og
Re: Sativa OG Kush - Legal Medical Marijuana Grow

Hi Purple, yea that is a good question. Truth is, in California, an individual could legally grow 99 plants (with a special recommendation from a doctor). The reason 99 is the magic number is because the Feds will bust anyone with 100 or more ounces. Well, the Feds aren't doing that anymore (per Obama). Besides, it's the Wild West her in Cali when it comes to cannabis. The only legal dispensary in San Diego go the Sheriff's department all of the time with questions that even law enforcement doesn't know the answer too. Don't sweat any of that stuff...
Hi i have a good story to tell about this skywalker og sativa dominant strain that got in my hands from a friend on 2008 , and been keeping since then... I got a clone here in chile , south america on 2008 , according to my friend years later he told me that he got a cut from a chilean friend that went to california on earlys 2007 and eventually brought some femenized or regular skywalker og seeds...( i dont have more info of were he got them ) Years passed and always kept one mother to not loose this amazing medicine, as you can read all over the internet nobody really describes the strain, you can only find references about taste as limony , earthy and pine , color , as kind of light green leaves , with skinny five finger leaves that tends sometimes to trow 3 finger and even 1 finger leaves when is on light hours stress , now the structural growth of stems is particular it grows like in zig-zag internodal stages , the stems tends to put in purple color, and one particular characteristic is that this strain has very little odor or smell , on veg stage has none smell .. Great for indoors .. And on flower stage has almost no smell if you are not moving to much the plant, The high is absolutly energycing , with mental clarity , euphoric calmness and really creative idea flow, has been 7 years been the guardian of this strain , one way or another ive been always worried about her, leaving sometimes on friends closet, sometimes with very poor conditions of light and care, somehow the plant has make it until the present , now im considering making some femenized seeds and capsule for the future on seed form this amazing strain , the question is should i keep FOREVER a cut?
Hi 420, please check out last thread reply and look my pictures and tell what you think?? Do i have the real deal , ??? Is it possible that skywalker og aka og kush sativa dominant , got to south america???
I Like how simple the grow looks.

If those blocks weren't so damn expensive, perpetual house flips all day.

Great looking plants :)
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