Sativa OG Kush aka Skywalker OG: Legal Medical Marijuana Grow

This was my first LST attempt.. Had about 16 week grow, 60 day flower.. I had 4, 2ft long buds, and about 9, 1.5ft long buds.. She was crazy!!

But, I got robbed and lost 2/3rds her buds.. THEY LEFT THE 4 - 2ft buds and some small crap..??? The 4 weighed over 6.5oz dry.
I've had Skywalker OG from some of my Norcal growerbuddies and the taste, high and everything is amazing :) I was lucky enough to obtain a cut of Skywalker OG I am running currently in a V-Scrog setup under 1000w of lights (400w CMH and a 600w hps running at 400w) and a heavily mineralized soil. The cut I am running I got from a guy who has been running this same cut for like 7 years and he kept this and 5 others out of 30 he used to keep. He considers it one of his elites and I was lucky to get 2. I am at 49 days into flowering from the 12/12 and also took some clones which are growing also in a mineralized soil geared for high brix growing. The smell of the buds is absolutely amazing, very very stanky og smell, just like the smell on my norcal buddies cuts of skywalker and very similar smell to the norcal og cuts I have tried. Whether it is the real thing or just a really dank OG, maybe you guys can help me out...but I wanted to share some of my photos to spread some skywalker og love !!

This is the Indica variety, not Skywalker OG.

Check this link out: O.G. Kush
This is the same genetics. Now no one has to wait for this plant. Everyone can have it! Good luck.
Closest I've seen from members posting what they thought was the holy grail. :goodjob:

Thanks 420!! I definitely believe this one may be the one, especially how trichomed out it is, and definitely has the smell :)I so can't wait until their ready to enjoy :)
My first grow consisted of 3 bagseed from a friend who said they were from a bubbakush plant he had they have the three finger leaves and yeilded pretty good. Is this from the same family as the skywalker you are talking about. I will have pics up soon For a visual.
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