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Sativa Satisfaction.a poll


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Indica,Indica,Indica......don't get me wrong. I love quality indica and indica hybrids. Heavy yields, quick finishes and monster colas.. I could go on forever. However this thread concerns Sativas. You remember sativas right? 12 foot monsters, spindly buds and year long maturation times. As a old school pot head, I was fortunate to experience the last fledgling days when sativa based strains were readily found and enjoyed. Unfortunately, the glory days of sativas are but a mere memory. I long for the soaring, cerebral, highs those long lost sativas afforded me and I need your help. I have worked with dozens of wonderful strains, but sativa and sativa hybrids are alien to me and your input is desperately desired. If you share an affinity for all things sativa and have experience cultivating sativa based strains it is you I seek. My next project will center on strains such as a variety of Hazes, Malawi Gold, Mako Haze, and Kushage. If you have worked with these strains or other sativa strains similar to them, please drop me your two cents worth. Growing methods, lighting suggestions, medium hints, pruning and supercropping techniques, fertilization plans and any and all info pertinent to the successful sativa grow. Thank you and may the sativa rise again.


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Re: Sativa Satisfaction....a poll

well i did some sativa dominate clones, and they are pretty sensitive to nutrients. but they turned out good in the end i can't wait to smoke some, they are curing now..


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Re: Sativa Satisfaction....a poll

It takes a lot longer for a Sativa to flower, is fluffier than an Indica, but the smoke is hands down the best you can get!
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