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Sativa Sublime/ What Helps You?


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:60:I use Sativas during the day because I can get some stuff done...Sometimes though I go into hyper-multitasking and start 15 jobs and in the process get lured into a tv ad or video clip & I lose one hour or more ZONING...I made up a blend which is heavy on the Sour Diesel strains...maybe 4gms w/ 0.5gm Sour D Kief tossed in to make a fine ground for my volcano vape chamber...toss it in a glass jar, shake well & use a cappacino stir spoon full for about 6-8 /20 inch bags worth...3 breaths per bag and I have TWINS ( 2 BAG SET UPS )
How about you day time users out there...what are you using and are you getting things done or do you watch dust bunnies glide along the floor while you're sweeping...pause to watch 'em just float?:laugh2:


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Damn! Sounds like you have some good herb to fool around with. If only we could all go down to the neighborhood club and pick up samples of all the wonderful strains to try out. I've been using mostly the same herb for the past few years--I think it is 75-sativa and 25-indica. I prefer sativa because indica is too heavy. Altho, I can adjust to almost anything after a few days. :laugh2:


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I'm so jealous. I wish I could go to a store and get meds like you can. You get all those great strains that I'll probably never be able to see or taste.

And 'I' get to go to my 'dealer' and buy my medicine illegally, and be happy with what I have. But I'm not bitching, what I get kicks my butt pretty good, but it's almost always an Indica strain of some sort - so I can only use it at night, otherwise, well, you know.. I can spend all day watching dust bunnies from my chair HAHA!

One day, when I'm not living on the road, I'll have a Volcano too - but for now I'll have to hear all the goodness about yours, Zed ;)
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