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Sativex - proposed Advanced Dispensing System (ADS)

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GW Pharmaceuticals are doing some research on an Advanced Dispensing System (ADS) for Sativex. At this stage it is in the R&D stage, but it gives an idea of how far the company is advanced in marketing sativex in a way that would satisfy the US Government. I thought you might be interested in how medicines can and will be marketed in the future.

ADS is a groundbreaking technology and in October 2003 received the AiM Stock Exchange "Best Technology" Award. The ADS also provides a full audit trail for service providers and enables remote monitoring and control of the entire drug management process in real time. The technology provides a secure and tamper-proof means of dispensing drugs that can be applied to almost any drug in any dosage form. This is of special interest for drugs with potential for abuse and misuse or harm by inappropriate administration.

ADS has the potential to revolutionise the prescription and dispensing of drugs in such a way as to enhance safety, minimise diversion, provide greatly increased flexibility in prescribing patterns, permit the monitoring of a patient's progress remotely and the adaptation of prescribing regimes on a day by day basis as required.

By creating a full audit trail, ADS can provide information on natural patterns of usage of prescribed drugs in the community and manage the progress of the product pack throughout the entire supply chain. Physicians and pharmacists can monitor the progress of the patient as they consume their medication and receive warnings when events occur outside pre-defined limits. In addition, service providers at all levels can review their management information.

ADS comprises an intelligent device (which may be hand-held or fixed) that controls the dispensing of a range of drugs and dosage forms and communicate in real time utilising existing wireless telecommunication technologies. Identification/tagging technology can also be incorporated to enable a full monitoring capability.

Implementation of ADS can be via a number of routes, the principal ones being:

• A secure data management system
• Collection of prescribing and dispensing data and provision of management information to healthcare service providers
• A full scale patient management system

A fully integrated system that places the patient at the core and provides a secure, accountable and flexible route for the management of controlled drugs


Key Features of ADS:

• Minimising use of medication by an unauthorised person
• Recognising and eliminating inappropriate patterns of consumption
• Reducing impulsive or accidental overdose
• Patient lifestyle “Normalisation”.
• Minimising abuse / diversion of medication using tamper resistant packaging
• Encouraging patients to comply with prescribed dosage regimen
• Improving control of patient's total drug exposure
• Intelligent drug reminder system
• Decreasing number of patients on supervised consumption
• Increasing number of patients on take home (daily/weekly)
• Monitoring and control of prescriptions for scheduled drugs
• Optimisation of health provider cost through waste avoidance
• Reduction of cost burden associated with dispensing/supervision fees
• Physician national level alerting system
• Protection of Doctor prescribing patterns
• Provision of drug lifecycle information at all levels

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