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satori problem


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I'm growing satori using AN ph perfect connoisseur a&b, bud candy, sensizym, tarantula, nirvana ...and trying penningtons fast acting lime [about 1 tblsp per week strained through pantyhose]
I'm 6 weeks into flowering. Was looking great until last week. Now the leaves no longer stand up and reach for light, they are drooping and have a silver-like splotched appearance, and instead of fanning out they are closing together. temp is 76 or so at night 80 to 85 during the day. humidity is 50 - 60 %. ec is 550 to 620. Any help would be greatly appreciated


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Lester Freeman

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It appears you may have a spider mite infestation.

Examine every square inch of the leaves. Look underneath. You may have to use a jewelers loupe to magnify the image, they are small creatures and hard to see. This looks like a big outbreak. Visual signs of crawling creatures will confirm your suspicion.

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Lester Freeman

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I'm sorry to say that I believe this is toward the ending stage of the attack, the next step for the leaves is to die. I hope they do not and you can get the bugs under control. If the flowers are not fully formed yet, then I would probably wash them all down and use an insecticidal soap followed by SNS-217. At the very least you could salvage your harvest.

Next time, make sure to clean the grow room and area very thoroughly and make sure not to walk in the outdoor nature and going into your grow room without brushing off and cleaning up. A lot of the times they hitch a ride in! :surf:


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I was thinking that's impossible when I found them. Thank you! Must have been tracking them in with me from outside. the mites I remember from houseplants made little webs. These are tiny tan elongated things that can move pretty quick.

Thanks very much RL & Cannafan
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