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Satori - The Best Kept Secret Of Organic Strains


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When choosing what I would grow, I wanted an original strain, something unique and exotic. When looking for seeds online, I came across Mandala, a humble new company known for their land-race genetics from places like India, Tibet and Africa. Satori was an ideal strain from Nepal, India, with a special kind of cerebral high and strong potency sets in quickly; it supports concentration & creativity; very inspiring and stimulating. Ideal for writers, artists, musicians, or other creative people. I dont know why more people arent gettin into these strains, but this plant is really well balanced. It doesnt need much attention, no nutrients. This is an example of how to grow the right way. No chemicals were added to this plant, no fluerecent lights, nothing but basic soil, water and the rays of the sun. Herb was meant for growing outside. Whats up with these hydro people, adding artificial chemicals to water and growing under miserable lights. What plants really need is positive energy and thats it. Thats the best tip for growing real natty collie herb. This plant is still flowering, hoping to harvest late September. This little plant was timid at first. I planted him in early July, and it never really started to gain height until about mid August. The smell is really minimal, but smells like the inside of an incented indian temple, really citrus-like and earthy, like some of the best clean herb I've ever smelled. I would suggest this strain to all new growers and even the conessuers who want to experience some real celebral energies. Check out the pics and tell me what you think. Bless up







Heres the bio for this strain. More info at Mandala Seeds

Type: sativa-indica
Contains land race genetics from: Nepal
Cultivation: indoor/outdoor
Flowering time: 65-70 days/October
Yield: 550-600 gr/m2 (dry weight)
High: a clear, cerebral high and strong potency sets in quickly; it supports concentration & creativity; very inspiring and stimulating. Ideal for writers, artists, musicians, or other creative people.
Aroma: fruity-citrus, pungent.
Medical Use: Satori shows her therapeutic potential in relieving depression and anxiety; this strain can ease sleep disorders from auto-immune diseases and Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS).
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I planted it in late July, but the seedling never really took off and was basically forgotten. Then around mid August, I replanted it into a larger pot, and then it really started taking off. I think what affected the height of the plant was the soil that I used, I think that it wasnt letting the water filter through, and so the roots never really had a chance to spread out, but now its happily growing and budding.


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Those are some pretty girls you got there.


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Very pretty one you have there... I feel ya about being against the chemical ferts, though I still use them :). Trying to ween myself away though still bout 50/50....
Curious though, what size pot did you have it in prior to transplanting? Also, do you know the composition of the soil you used? Was it the same soil you used initially that you used to transplant into? Did the soil have any nutrients right outta the bag???
btw thanks for sharing


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Thats why I don't use chemicals I use organic ferts. like Bat Guano and Fish Emulsion. Alot of people aren't lucky enough to be able to grow right out in the open in the great outdoors, so indoor growing with lighting is a necessary evil, so keep that in mind.

Nice plant by the way.


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Yeah for soil, I used regular storebought home depot potting soil, and for the top 3", I sprinkled topsoil. I think this ratio worked out well, cause the bottom soil is really dark and earthy while the top layer contains plant food and is more pourous, and allows the moisture to leave, so there is no root rot on the bottom of the main stem. It went a long way for me, I just watered and thats it. This particular strain requires very little ferts and stays green and vital till the end. Now, its showing signs of yeaf yellowing on the bottom, and the majority of the plant is taking on a lighter appearance, but its natural since its close to being in the final flowering stages. Im sure this is really gonna taste clean and great, the aroma wont be artificial.


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Nice shorty you got there,Another great thing about growing indoors with lights, its that you can grow year long.


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If you flush properly before harvest then using ferts. will not leave any aftertaste. However, I'm not arguing that your plant that was fed just water isn't going to taste great, it's going to be one hell of a clean smoke. :31:


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Looks good, have fun with that! :31: :peace:

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Soviet how did he satori turn out and what about that high? I am just starting w/ mandala and feel the same way you think but things are still untested. Chill OM was great? Everyone around likes it. But I am curious about Satori.
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