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Saugatuck Township Allows 2 Medical Marijuana Sites To Stay Open

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Saugatuck Township, MI - Saugatuck Township put an immediate three-month moratorium on new medical marijuana facilities, but is allowing the two already in the township to continue to operate.

"We understand this is a legal use," said Trustee Jim Hanson at tonight's board meeting.

"The question is where it should happen in our township," said Trustee Chris Roerig.

The township proposed the moratorium in response to the opening last week of The Great Turtle Emporium, 3383 Blue Star Highway.

The business handles antiques and music as well as medical marijuana.

A second facility owned by Tammy Jacobi, a Registered Nurse, opened this morning at 3129 Blue Star Highway at Good Intentions Paving Co.

Both will be allowed to operate while the planning commission draws up zoning rules for medical marijuana facilities.

Jacobi was pleased with the decision.

"They're going to take some time and make some good decisions," she said.

The township hall was filled with more than 30 people, many having to stand outside while the board discussed the topic.

The Rev. Ralph Houston of Immanuel Reformed Church in Fennville supported the moratorium because of questions surrounding the state law and marijuana's impact on users.

"This is a test case for local government to stand up and say 'no,'" he said.

Laura Bossardet of Holland said medical marijuana has helped her handle pain and allows her to walk again.

"This would be a wonderful service to any community," she said.

The city of Holland is considering an ordinance regulating medical marijuana caregivers. Holland Township adopted an ordinance that does not allow dispensaries. The city of Douglas planning commission is working on rules for caregivers and dispensaries. The city of Saugatuck and Laketown Township have not addressed the medical marijuana issue.

Both Fillmore and Heath townships have a moratorium on medical marijuana facilities.

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