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Save a strawberry and blueberry! Please confirm this is cal/mag issue

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3 plants Pineapple Express - Strawberry Sour Diesel - Blue Dream. The strawberry and blueberry have wilt and spotting. Is this a cal/mag deficiency?

Im using RO water at around 600 ppm with ph at 6 in DWC bubblers with top drip until roots hit water. Res change once per week. Temps in upper 70's. Also running 2 fans for circulation.

Thanks for any advice!

All plants

Pineapple Express has really went crazy in growth and has least amount of leaf spotting and no drooping.

Strawberry is next in size but the leaves are wilting - leaf spotting - Need more cal/mag?

Blue Dream is the runt due to nute burn early on - same leaf wilt and spotting. Needs more Cal/mag?
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New pics under normal lighting...

All plants from the side to see size difference:

Smallest plant - Blue Dream - some drooping leaves - some discoloration may be to leaves getting wet from drip ring

Medium plant - Strawberry Diesel - some drooping

Large plant - Pinapple Express - biggest and no drooping


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are you top feeding AND running air stones??how often is that top feed running?? how big are the roots?do they have an air gap between the netpot and top of water??

try dropping the ph,there is nutrients at the low end,these little plants need at 6.0 you are bypassing the Ca so adding more will do nothing.

I would never tell ya how to feed,but my plants dont hit 600ppm until they are a foot tall,and by the end of flower no more than 1200ppm.
good set up,I tried something similar a couple of years ago.I ended up jerking the top feed of and just running air stones.I still have the store bought 6 bucket set,hydrofarm I think its called.

The small brown spots are Ca deficit. You should drop your ph as c526 suggested. You have little to concern yourself with at the time, but check out this chart and see if a minor adjustment might be in order. Notice that Ca is slipping but not locked out in this chart.

Edit: didn't realize link was not allowed, geez.


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Budstud--must be logged in to view the chart,I would copy it and put it in your gallery,the powers that be, dont like offsite links


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its a safety issue for all of us,when you post it to your gallery,it strips off all the information from the pictures,so you cant tell where they come from,At first I thought,this is crazy.Now I appreciate the powers that be,just trying to helps us all out.
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Thanks guys. Will try dropping the ph to 5.5 to 5.8 range. I also reduced the PPM to 400 range on the 2 smaller plants and they seem to be perking up bit. Much appreciated!