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Say Hello Cali Prices...3 Compassion Centers Approved!


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Big shocker that the three most expensive and most political references get the bids... We must boycott all CC's for if they can prove they can sustain the market demand for 3 to 9 month, I can guarantee that our rights will be gone no matter what..

That's of course if they don't do it right of the bat...

Let us know what you think... R.I. Department of Health Picks 3 to Open Medical Marijuana Compassion Centers
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Re: Say Hello Cali Prices...3 Compassion Centers Approved!!!

Well that was a complete waste of time because when the Feds stepped up and gave written documentation to Governor Chafee outlining their plan to Federally prosecute any Medical Marijuana dispensaries that open the momentum ended and all participants and licensee's are still waiting with their head under the blankets. grow a set and fight the court battle someone needs to do so besides the lowly Patient who everyone is trying to get rich on. RIPAC is a joke and more interested in selling you classes and obtaining Patients signatures to allow anonymous Caregiver status to their crew. when I say anonymous I mean the Patient does not know who their Caregiver is (for safety they assert) and are promised 1oz per month Free and every one after that at $250 per Oz. CRAZY especially with the wait until "the crop is done" I am all set and will continue to grow my own medicine and provide for my Patients as always.
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