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sayin what up from iowa. SWED!


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say hey from iowa! anyone here from iowa? :rollit:

i smoke everyday for my own pleasure and the bonus it helps with my medical issues.

i stopped taking my 2 pills every morning and just smoking bud all day. and i have no issuse.

i am looking into starting a medical marijuana store front and grow my own and sell it. along with a head shop full of peices/food everything! any info would be helpful. is there an area on here about this?


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yea, so i signed this online legalize MJ thing and i get a responce back from the senetor it went to and she says she in no way agrees or will with recreational use. but looking into medical use. thats such bull shit!

i am coming to realize i hate the USA!!!

land of the free MY ASS!!


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Welcome to 420 Magazine :welcome:

Welcome to the fight ;)

Iowa doesn't have Medical Marijuana, I don't think you'll want to open a storefront there until the laws get changed

Here's a summary of where things stand in the various states. As of this writing the government still allows us to move about between them ;)
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Glad to have you with us. Lived in Des Moines for awhile in years past......


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Lovin' IOWA! Fuckin' lovin it! Just learned to do a dutch roll J by watching it on youtube. Also made some postings on my exotic Cannabis Sativa Hermaphrodite...
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Wlcome to the 420 site , Smokem if ya got them , Living rigth below you in NW Mo. in Ia. reg.

Pun Intended

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Hey dude, welcome! Glad to have another to be small business owner on the site :) I'm trying to get a head shop/tattoo parlor running with a few good friends and my man. Best of luck friend.
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