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Hey all,

Just a newbie here to this site. Live in White Bear Lake, MN and looking for "buds" (friends) in the local area to hang out with. Kind of new to MN so I don't know too many people yet, but hopefully that will change. Always open minded and enjoy most any kind of safe, semi-sane activity.

Say "hello" and lets "get to know",

J. :peace:
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Welcome. I'm new here too and I don't know MN. No help, eh? Enjoy yourself.
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high, bluntobject. welcome to the site. please note, hook-ups are not allowed, but meeting friends is not


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Hi tinkerbell420,

No one was looking for a "hook up. Just using a bit of site appropriate humor.

If you go back and read what I posted, you will see that I clarified (friends) in the sentence.

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