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saying hi as a new member

Saying hi as a new member to everyone, looking forward to getting and learning more info on indoor growing,
I've grew a cupple of different strains of cannabis but theres always more to learn, I've included a few pics of my crop I have the now which is ready for harvest ( Hooray! ) its northern lights, a friend asked me to take them for him when thay wer supposedly 6wks old which I didn't believe, I had a task at hand to see if I could recover them from the condition thay arrived in, as the home thay had before mine was not working out as first planned. I'm not quite sure how old thay are there has been a serious lack of information given to me, along with the plants having been through a fair bit of stress, wrong lighting, too much/lack of food etc etc all down to people thinking they can stick them in a pot and do wot ever they think is rite with little or no knowledge on growing, feeding, lighting, environment, etc etc, anyway I've managed to get them back on track pretty well considering the condition I got them in.



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Welcome to 420mag! Those look good for what you say they went though. We're glad to have you here, feel free to start a journal for the rest of your grow. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. The are plenty of great experienced growers here to help. The only stupid question is the one you don't ask.
thank u v much! and for ur quick reply, I'm quite pleased with the end result I wish I'd taken a pic when I first got them 10-12wks ago,
I never thought for a minute they would respond as well as they have with a lot of TLC the proper lighting/dark periods, food, nutrients and most important no more stress inflicted on them thay'v repaid me for my hard work and the loving care I gave them, all that's left for them to do for me is to be a nice smoke, i'l take more pics n get them n ma journal,

Happy Days!

Mandi x
thank u v much, I'm glad to be here! also thank u for the links I've had a quick look and will defo visit them again for a more indepth look you can never have to much info I say just wen u think u no most of the basics to produce a good crop there is always more to find that you didn't no.


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Hey Rageworks37!! Welcome to 420 magazine!! Looks like you already have your green thumb :) You should definitely get a grow journal going here :) it will help you document your process, in case you have to go back, and also will gain a lot of good friends and tips along the way :)

I hope you find 420 Mag your home like I have :)

Here are a few helpful links I post to all new members, enjoy!!

So here is how you get started :)

Here are some useful links that will help you learn about growing, and how to get it right the first time :)
First rule of thumb is, do the research first, if you can't find the answer anywhere, then ask. I can almost gurantee that
The question has been asked before. There are tons of resources and kind and knowledgeable growers at 420 magazine
and I am sure you will find it a great home!

Make sure to check out the forum rules and guidelines. We have a great community here and I welcome you to check out..

Are you new to growing and don't know where to start, here is a link that will teach you everything you need to know :)

If you couldn't find what your looking for in the last link, you can find many of your answers by visiting The Grow Room.

Do you have sick plants that need answers, check out our Problems, Pest's and Disease control forum at
Problems, Pests & Disease Control

Another great way to get started in your new membership is by starting a grow journal. This allows you to document your grow, add photo's
and share your experience with all of us!! Remember to be detailed, so if you run into problems we can help you fix them and have a successful
grow :)

Are you looking to purchase new growing equipment, nutrients, growing or smoking accessories, check out our sponsors!
As a member you can take advantage of specials that are run time to time :)
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Well I hope you enjoy exploring our wonderful community and feel free to make yourself home :)

By the way, don't forget to check out the monthly contests where you can vote, enter, and win prizes!
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